Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Today....

As I'm sure you could tell from my last post, David has been in Stuttgart. But, today he comes home! You would think after being married for over 23 years it wouldn't make a difference, but I am so glad he'll be home today, I truly miss him when he's gone. But I know he needs these little trips & breaks to take some time for himself to do what he loves. And, he won't be going back until we both go in January. See, we both took a week's vacation & we will be off to Stuttgart in just a couple more weeks. (I am looking forward to a much needed break myself!) me

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hunt So Far...............

I LOVE love love this picture!!! I think it's because I've seen so many at Buddy's house & in magazines that are laid out like this...you know, the ducks or geese lined up on the tail gate or on the ground. But now.....NOW.... I have one of my own! me

Friday, December 17, 2010


Just couldn't wrap this up without showing some proof that she actually went duck hunting!

Blog Update

Isn't December flying by fast this year? Actually this whole YEAR has gone by SO fast. It seems like yesterday when we were all anxiously waiting for Hunter to arrive, I had so many fears about Eddy getting deployed to Afghanistan, Brittni was out of school and trying to get back in, David had been laid off, and my work was so slow we didn't know what to do.
Flash forward a year & this is what you'll see: Hunter is the light of our lives, Eddy is out of the Army & has a good job, Brittni just took her finals, David is working at a great company that seems to really appreciate him (and they have GREAT insurance), and it's been great the past few months at work. God is SO good to us, and always has great plans for us, if only we'd trust Him & His plans.
So, I've got a little catching up to do. David took Brittni & Jeramiah duck hunting last weekend. Yes, I said BRITTNI. She kept at him until he finally broke down & took her. He kept saying before he left, "What am I doing?", and I'd just reassure him that it would be good for them to spend some time together, and Brit said her daddy has never taken her hunting before & that he always takes Eddy. I told him "one time, one time is all it will take & she will have her fill of it & never want to go again". I love it when I'm right! He said she likes to watch ducks a whole lot more than hunt them, plus the fact that it was in the teens each morning probably didn't help - ha! My mom had her check up yesterday & her staples removed from her pacemaker surgery & everything is going well there. Us girls are going to their house in Huntsville tomorrow night to have our Christmas together there and I am really looking forward to it. David & Eddy have to work, so it'll just be us & Hunter man, but I can't wait. I have ALL my Christmas shopping done & the presents are wrapped up under the tree already! There is ONE (maybe two) gifts left. Eddy's & maybe David's. I say maybe David because we aren't supposed to be buying each other a present, but I have Brittni on the lookout to let me know if he breaks the rules & gets me something! I really have all I want or need & he does too, so it just makes sense not to buy anything for each other. We're at that point in our lives if we need something we go get it, and if we want something, well, we get it when we can. And, I've broken a tradition this year. Our kids (our adult kids) are only getting one gift each this year! And it is nothing extravagant. We have got to let them grow up, and stop spoiling them rotten, and what better time than now to let them find out that "No Virginia, there isn't really a Santa Claus!" ha ha!
Anyway, the boys & some friends are off to Stuttgart Sunday morning for 3 days, and I'm having Christmas at our house this year, so I've got a lot to do, and very little time to do it in. We all know how OCD I really am, and everything has to be perfect! So I better get to it. If I get too busy & don't get to blog for a bit.....Merry Christmas!!! me

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Quotes About Being A Grandma

I know I said yesterday how much Hunter-Man means to me & David. But I was reading a friends blog today and saw some quotes about grandparents & wanted to steal/share them!

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."

"Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild."

"What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies."

"Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends - and hardly ever our own grown children."

"It is as grandmothers and grandfathers that our mothers and fathers come into the fullness of their grace."

There is nothing better or more precious than loving YOUR child's child - author - me! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today is Hunter's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Some of my friend's tried to warn me a year ago today how deeply this first grandchild would enter my heart. No one could have ever prepared me for the love I feel for this precious boy. He makes my heart so very very happy and now I can't imagine life without him!
Hunter-man, your Papa & I hope you have a very very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!
We love you!

Sneak Peek At Hunter's Christmas 2010!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hmmm....where to begin??? We've had Thanksgiving, went "Black Friday" shopping, are finishing up another contest at work today...the boys have been to Stuttgart & back, we've had our Christmas pictures done, the tree is up, and I've even started shopping! Oh, and - my mom is having a pacemaker put in on Monday. Hunter's turning one year old on Wednesday, his party is at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday, Christmas will be at MY house this year since David has to work and I have had WAAAAY to much to do to be blogging. That's all, just didn't want to get too far behind ;-) me

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duck Season 2010

First weekend of Duck Season in Stuttgart Arkansas. Pictured are my wonderful duck crazy husband, my son (that my husband has MADE duck crazy), his childhood friend Brian, and of course, the "stars of the show" Boggie and Bam! I love you guys & miss you bunches...me

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let "Duck Season 2010" begin....

The first week of duck season is upon us & the men in my family are all in Stuttgart. They have been texting me pictures of them all camo'd out & I'll have to post some pics real soon.
My mom came up Saturday afternoon with my 2 nieces & spent the night & most of Sunday with me. We had SUCH a good time just talking & catching up. We talk on the phone a few times a week, but there is nothing better than waking up at 5:30 in the morning & having coffee with my mama & just spending some quiet time with her. We took the girls to the Bentonville Square Sat. night to see the Christmas lights & the ice skating rink. We'd hoped the girls would skate, but it was very crowded & they were not about to get on the ice. So we just walked around the square. When we got home I had to get David, Boogie & Bam packed & the truck loaded. I couldn't have got it all done without Kayla & Cara! Dez & Hunter came up on Sunday morning & they are staying with me until the boys get back. So last night we packed Hunter up & went shopping for awhile, then got pizza from Little Ceasar's & came home. Oh, I bought Hunter the cutest little stuffed Dr. Seuss thing. It's bright pink & orange & he LOVES to give it kisses & bite it's nose! Dez said Eddy is going to kill me for buying him a pink stuffed animal. What's worse is that I keep calling it his "baby doll" ha! That's what grandma's are for, don't you think. Anyway, I worked from 8 this morning til 7 tonight. I am 3 sales away from DOUBLING my goal in the next contest. I've gotta work tomorrow then I am off for 5 whole days! But still, I'm beat and going to bed. Til next time....me

Monday, November 15, 2010

To My Followers:

A couple years ago when I started blogging I remember thinking how cool it would be if I ended up with thousands of followers that would expect me to blog every single day. These followers would just be waiting for my next post to see what was going on in "The Allen's World". My posts would be warm, funny, charming - that was all in my head you see. Fast forward two years later, to a time where my life is wonderful, full, and holds zero extra time for blogging! Boy am I glad all those followers never made it - ha! Anyhoo, on to the real world.
We had a busy weekend. Eddy is back on the night shift at JB Hunt, and he works the same days as David, so that means a lot of extra time with Dez & Hunter which I love.
Saturday was David's 42nd birthday! Happy Birthday Baby! I love you SO much. Sorry you had to work all night on your special day, so there was no festivities! I did however come thru big time with the birthday gift. He LOVED it! I got him a big camo winter coat & a camo hoodie. (Never mind that he actually picked it out himself & all I had to do was order it off the internet - those are the best kind of gifts, one that you actually want!)
Dez & I loaded Hunter up & went & saw my grandma & aunt Bev. I think they both really enjoyed seeing Hunter man & couldn't believe how much he's grown since the last time we brought him.
Yesterday after David got home he & a friend from work went down to his mom's hunting. So I had the whole day to myself. Guess what I did? Clean house, of course! But I also put a roast in the crock pot & watched a couple movies. It was a nice quiet day.
This morning David was up at 3:30, him & the same friend are off to chase the deer again this morning. I spent my morning on the phone with Dell trying to figure out how to download my Norton Antivirus I purchased a whole month ago. While I was on hold (for 25 minutes) I figured it out myself, hung up on the guy...and he called me back! I spent another 10 minutes explaining to him that I actually read the email they sent, followed the directions, and no longer needed his assistance!
Now, it's time to fire up the flat iron, get to work on my hair, get ready & let Brittni & JJ take me to work. We're in the midst of yet another contest and I am KICKING SOME BUTT! I think I only have 3 or 4 more sales to go. Considering that the person closest behind me is 11 sales away, I'm doing alright this time around. But to be fair, I'm working California, and they LOVE them some Sam's Club out in Cali! Til next time.....me

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunter's Hospital Visit

Again there is SO much going on I've had ZERO time to blog. But I wanted to put these pictures on here so I have them. Hunter got tubes in his ears yesterday. I met Dez at Springdale Hospital at 5:45 a.m. & we were out of there by 8:30! Amazing. They didn't even stick him with a needle or put in an I.V. And we can already tell it has made a difference....me

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hunter's First Halloween

I'm at work & in a hurry but I just HAD to post pictures of my little monkey! This was his very first Halloween & I believe he was the cutest trick or treater or all time! Grandpa & I got him a great big Halloween bag & filled it up with toys, suckers, bubbles, stickers, a Halloween shirt & anything else I could find since he really couldn't eat much candy yet. Des, Brittni, Hunter & I went to Pinnacle on Sunday & walked around with him & got to see all the little kids dressed up. It was awesome. There's much more to post about & say...but I gotta get back to work. I just didn't want to forget to show off the grand baby! me

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stolen From Facebook!

So I've found another positive about facebook! I was on it last night & saw this picture pop up in the right hand corner. Hmmm....I thought, those guys look familiar! When I clicked on it - voila!
From left to right: David, his youngest brother-Jeff, his cousin Kevin, his brother Dwayne, and his cousin Billy. I think I may see a family resemblance here - ha! (p.s. we all miss you Barb!) me

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Girls Night

So last night after David went to work, my friends Terri & Sherry showed up at my house for a girls night. No, it wasn't planned, we aren't that coordinated. It just turned out that they both needed to get out & away from their houses, and mine was kid free! Sherry came with quesidilla's & carmel candy in hand, and Terri came with two bottles of wine! And we had SO much fun! We laughed, talked, cried, acted stupid & all three of us passed out in the living room watching TV. We colored my hair, set out on the patio & smoked & drank - it was a good time.
At one point, Terri & Sherry both had David's camo hats on, Terri had the duck calls around her neck quacking them, and we all laughed until we cried! Of course I took pictures all night, but I was made to swear they wouldn't get posted somewhere, like on my blog or facebook! Sometimes a girl just needs her friends. me

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bam's First Duck

I can't believe I didn't post this sooner! Eddy & some of his friends from work took MY dog Bam with them duck hunting the first day of Teal Season here. And guess what? He's a natural! This is Bam's first duck hunt. Doesn't look like he did too bad of a job, huh?????

It's Friday...again

It's been a little bit crazy in "The Allen's World" this past week with David working straight through, Brittni starting her new job & me trying to keep up with it all. There has been one bright spot in it all though, since Eddy is working nights, Des has been bringing Hunter up to see me and she & I have had lots of time to visit. She brought him up Sunday & Monday night, then again on Wed. When she came on Wed. she brought Jack, the five year old that she's been watching this week. Whew! What a bundle of energy. I forgot how active & curious they can be at that age. And the funny part was he decided he'd just call me "grandma". At one point he was laying on the couch watching TV & he kept saying 'grandma, grandma, grandma'...it took me a minute to realize he was talking to me! Anyway it was a lot of fun. Hunter loves playing with the big kids. He is just so stinking adorable. I know I may be a little biased, however, I am pretty sure he is THE most adorable, cutest, smartest, most amazing boy in the world! HA! He's supposed to be coming to my office later this afternoon for a visit. The girls won't even recognize him - he's grown that much!

Halloween is just a week away. I LOVE handing out candy to the trick or treaters. Hopefully I'll have a lot more this year, since so many families have moved into our neighborhood. It doesn't really matter how many kids I have show up though, since this year, I'll have an extra special goblin...Hunter Man! The kids bought him a monkey suit & I think Desiree is going to be a tree. I don't know how much actual trick or treating they will get done since every set of grandparents is expecting a visit from them, but that's ok. He doesn't need candy anyway. I want to find a big plastic pumpkin & fill it up with things he CAN eat, and maybe a few toys too! I just want his very first Halloween to be extra special.

I'm still suffering from PCB (post contest burnout). I did get 4 in this week though, so that was good. What's bad is that I don't have anything built up for next week. I guess I'll have to buckle down Tuesday when we get back from our sales meeting. It is in Branson this year, at Big Cedar Lodge. We'll be leaving at noon on Sunday, and should be back at the office by 7 on Monday night. I've been working all week to get everything done at home so that all David will have to do is go to work Sunday evening, then come home and go to bed. I'm going to put a crock pot of beans on Saturday evening, then making some cornbread so that the kids & him won't have to cook. After work today I have to make a run to Wally World & get dog food and a ton of other stuff so they won't run out of anything while I'm out of town. I love my family & taking care of them, it's what I do best, and I HATE HATE HATE having to go out of town for even one night for work. But - it is what it is, I have to be there (hopefully to get Top Salesperson of the Year award again), and at least it's just for a day and a half, and not 3 or 4 days, like they've done in the past. And...when I get back on Monday, David is off for 2 days! I can't wait to get to spend a little bit of quality time with him. I've missed him SO much these past 10 days. With his over time stint, and my sales meeting over, it'll soon be time to move into "duck mode". He's been working really really hard with Bam & Boogie, getting them all geared up for this season. I'm not sure how much he's going to get to hunt this year with his job. I know he can't take any vacation time from now until after the first of the year. But what I see in our future is this....he gets off at 7am on Sundays, he'll head straight from there to Stuttgart & hunt Sunday evening, all day Monday, Tues morning & afternoon, then head back home that night. And believe me when I say....this will go on all season! But hey, it's what he LOVES! And who knows, maybe I'll take some of my vacation time & go with him. He does need a camera man after all! me

Monday, October 18, 2010

A little bit of this....a little bit of that

Again I have been neglecting my blog...I'm sorry blog, your purpose is to help me keep up with all that is going on in my little world. But sometimes, my world takes hold, and blogging is the last thing I have time for. Not to say that it's not on my mind. It has become another thing I obsess about. If I haven't blogged in a few days, it's something else I feel I've failed at. So...I am releasing myself of this duty, and will only be blogging now when I want to -or when I have something important to document in our lives. And I do! Oh yes, I DO!!!!

SHE GOT THE JOB! She got the job! She got the job! Brittni starts her brand new job at Transplace - tonight! YAY! We are SO proud of her & so happy for her too. Yes, she'll be working with her Daddy for a few nights. But only because her daddy is SUCH a great guy, and took on 12 straight days of TWELVE HOUR shifts to help us get caught up financially since we both missed a week of work while he was in the hospital. And let me tell you, it is VERY hard on him. I'm just so thankful that he's willing to sacrifice some days off to pull us out of this hole!

Hunter does NOT have to have tubes put in his little ears. Thank you God! He has had 2 ear infections for over three weeks. They told Desiree on Friday that if he wasn't dramatically better today when she brought him in, they would send her straight to an ENT & schedule surgery. Guess what? He was SO much better the doctor couldn't even believe it. And I am so glad. My heart would break having to see our little guy go through surgery.

Speaking of the cutest little boy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD....Des brought him up last night for a visit. I went by Saturday night after I went & saw my Grandma & Bev, but he was already asleep :-( I think she felt so bad for me she HAD to bring him up. There is absolutely NOTHING better in this whole wide world than opening up the door, seeing his precious little face, and THEN seeing the GREAT BIG SMILE on his face when he realizes he's at his Grandma's house! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT! I knew being a grandma was going to be special, but I never ever could have imagined how wonderful it truly is!

Eddy is working nights now too at JB Hunt! And he is missing his mom & dad! Last Wed night he got off at 11:00, and he drove all the way up to my house to see me for just 1/2 an hour! (I'm sure the home made spaghetti I fed him didn't have ANYTHING to do with it - ha!)

Anyway, I've gotta get back to work. We just wrapped up another contest - and yes, I DID make my 2nd touchdown for $1000. However, this time, I ended up in 4th place (a new LOW for me)...so even though I'm claiming "post contest burnout" - again - I gotta get back to work!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catching Up

There is so much stuff going on here at home. Brittni & Jeramiah are moving in as we speak. She quit her job at Subway (thank God), and has an application in at David's work. If she gets the job she'll work 2 twelve hour shifts over the weekend, and make more than if she worked a whole week at Subway. This will give her time for her studies.
Eddy starts on nights, tonight. He will work the days David is off, so the father-son time they've been enjoying these past few months will have to be put on hold. Hopefully he'll get moved to days soon, but for the next two weeks at least, we won't get to see him.
Last weekend we went to the Duck Dog Challenge in Stuttgart! We had SO much fun. Eddy ran Bam in the competition! He did really really good, except when he brought the first bumper back, he ran right past Eddy & brought it to David up in the stands! We couldn't believe it. But hey, at least Bam knows who his master is!
Next, David ran Boogie. I'll never be able to put this in writing the way David tells the story, but let me just start off by saying that "technically" Boogie won first place. She was docked 3 seconds for not getting in the ground blind. Then David sent her. She took off & broke a land speed record getting her first bumper. Everyone in the stands was talking about the straight line she ran & how fast she was. Then David sent her for her second bumper & she went right to it. She brought it back so fast I KNEW we had first place. Then, just six inches before the line to stop the time...she stopped - and squatted & took a dump!!! I kid you not. The guy with the stopwatch stopped the time at 32 seconds....then had to restart it until she finished & got back over the line. So it was 41 seconds. First place???33 seconds. And they weren't docked 3 seconds for not going into the blind! So we came away with 3rd place. I thought David was going to DIE! I am still SO proud of both of our dogs. David has been helping a friend that has a 1 year old lab, and I went Friday & watched them work him. Let me tell you, both our dogs are really, really GOOD dogs. And very advanced. David & I both said if either of our dogs acted like that other one, we'd have already gotten rid of them - ha! Anyway, I know how much time & effort David puts in training our two, and that's why they are as good as they are.
Des send me a picture message today & Hunter fell on their entertainment center & cracked his head! It looks so pitiful, but it didn't bust it open, so it didn't bleed. I hate it when stuff like that happens, but I also know that with a toddler, it's going to.
That's about all I've got for now. Our contest at work ends on Thursday, so I'm 3 sales away from $1000!!! Wish me luck! me

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An "almost" Heart Attack!

I have been neglecting my blog again, but this time it's for good reason. You see, Tuesday before last David had a doctor's appointment. It was just supposed to be a diabetes check-up. But when we got there, his blood pressure was up...WAAAAY up. Dr. Earl asked him if he'd been feeling ok lately, and when he mentioned he'd had a little trouble breathing, a little tightness in his chest, and his doctor then gave us the option of calling an ambulance, or driving ourselves straight to the emergency room! I can't even begin to describe my thoughts and emotions as we drove to the hospital. I was gripped by fear. So even though we were told that he would just have a stress test, and be out of there by early afternoon....we spent the next FOUR DAYS in the hospital! And 2 stress tests & a heart cath later, he is home. They found 10-20% blockage, but said that for his age & all his risk factors, that was pretty good, and they would treat it with medicine. We were however ordered to quit smoking, exercise & lose some weight. So on Monday, we will be starting Chantix. Pray for both of us please! I know that if I don't quit with him, he will never be able to quit on his own. It's just too much temptation.

They released David at 3pm on that Friday....his dad had been going crazy with worry, so about lunchtime, he headed this way. I had exactly one hour to get my house in "company shape"...and let me tell you, if I had the energy to speed clean my house all the time, that's the only way to go! You'd be amazed what all I can get done when it's down to the wire! We had a good weekend with them, but David was sent home to rest, and he didn't do any of that til late Sunday morning when his dad left to go back home. And that is what we did - both of us-REST! There's another excuse as to why I've not been blogging. So that's a little glimpse into the Allen's World...til next time - me

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Football Contest

What a crazy crazy stupid day. We are in the middle of a contest at work. The theme is "football"....each contract you get in represents x number of yards (depending on how much you sold it for). Once you've hit 100 yards you've made a touchdown & score. The first touchdown...$500. Second $1000. 3rd $2000. Plus you get a little side bonus for every "down", (still don't know what that means) but 1-10 First Downs are $10 11-15 First downs are $25 each & so on..

My POINT to all of this is that somehow, I've managed to be 2.5 yards SHORT OF A FREAKING TOUCHDOWN!!! Today at 3pm is the cut-off to the next paycheck. And I am SO f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. out right now trying to pull something in.

The good news is I have 4 for the week, so I get to go home early with pay, wear jeans next week, hit my incentive plus some extra. And...that 4 got me down the "field"...but 2.5 yards????


gotta go chase some agreements.......me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching Up...and some funny pics!

Wow - what a week, or day, or month, or year, or whatever! It feels like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off! (That may be an Arkansas saying, but bear with me here!). Lots of stuff is going on in The Allen's World. Nothing really of much significance, just a lot of running. For instance, Eddy & Hunter came up Friday evening, about a 1/2 hour before David had to leave for work. In that half hour, they found a pair of waders on Craigslist for Eddy (waders are necessary for duck hunting & Eddy didn't have a pair yet-David had promised to buy him some and they are about $300-$400 new). These came with yet another bag of duck decoys for the low low price of $115. So Eddy & I drove down to Fayetteville & picked them up. Then we went by his new apartment so I could see it & he could try out the waders in his swimming pool at midnight! Good thing it's a college town & nobody thought he was too crazy(I'll be posting pics too). So it was well after midnite when he got me back home & I got in bed. Saturday evening I went down to my grandma's & Aunt Bev's & visited a little bit, and vacuumed & stuff. I didn't feel like I got much done for them, but grandma & Bev both appreciate anything I do, no matter how small it seems to me. Plus, I like the excuse to go down & help - cuz I get to spend time with them both. Grandma's surgery is still on for Monday, so please keep her & Bev in your prayers. It's a miracle that she's getting to have this done. Just a few months ago, they sent her home on hospice, and things didn't look good. After I left there I went by Eddy & Dez's to play with Hunter man. I ended up getting to take him home with me & he spent his very first night all alone with me. I have GOT to get a few baby things at the house, the kids took their stuff with them, so I have NOTHING but a few toys. Des offered to let me take the playpen home for the night but nooooo, I didn't think I would need it - WRONG. Anyway, lesson learned & I will be better prepared next time. Sunday Eddy came up & spent the afternoon with us & Brittni came over to borrow the Rainbow. She has to shampoo her carpets & get her apartment ready cuz they are moving out in October & MOVING IN WITH US for a little while! I'm SO excited. She turned in her resignation at Subway - they were NOT treating her right. She's got an application in at Transplace where David works. She can work two 12 hour shifts on the weekend & make almost as much as she did working a full week at Subway, and she won't be on call & have all that extra stress of being a manager. Who knows, maybe she'll love it so much at our house she won't leave until after she graduates college. I know she could focus so much more if she didn't have so much to worry about, but I have to leave that to her. Monday morning David & I woke up at 5 & spent the morning together having our coffee & just hanging out before I had to go to work. That evening we had dinner at Eddy & Des's & it was so nice. We stopped by Academy on the way down & David bought ANOTHER duck call. He has it BAD this year, and the season hasn't even started yet! Yesterday we woke up early again & he brought me to work. He picked me up for lunch & we went to the Orient Express II - I don't recommend it. It is not nearly as good as Mama Fu's. Then after work we made a trip to Macadoodles for cigarettes & Knob Hill. Seeing as how fall is in full swing, we had to make the switch from Corona's & lime juice (our summer time occasional treat) to Knob Hill whiskey & coke. Again, we are NOT heavy drinkers. It is more of a once or twice a month thing. And just one drink each. I am too old to be a drinker. We also bought our weekly Powerball tickets. The jackpot is up to $94 million & um, well, I think I could find something to do with it if we happen to win ha! Then we stopped by the grocery store & picked up a couple steaks & went to Redbox & got movies. We went home & I cooked the steaks on my new George Foreman Grill I got at the yard sale & we had baked potatoes, Texas toast & steak while we watched The Duck Commander & then our movies. Today is already crazy. Woke up & fixed David steak & eggs for breakfast...came to work, stopped at Fred's & picked up lunch (It is "meatloaf Wednesday and won't do that again, it was NOT good today), stopped & got gas on the way home, ate lunch, called & ordered some choke tubes or something duck related for David at lunch, dropped movies back off & now I am back at work. After work & have more errands to run & hopefully will have time to stop & get my hair cut. Whew! I am tired all over again just writing this stuff!

Oh - and one more thing. We found out today that Hunter is highly allergic to cow's milk & eggs, and has a slight allergy to peanuts! Really? What IS the baby going to eat? Well, I imagine we'll figure something out, but no more vanilla wafers, ice cream, biscuits & gravy - wait, WHO would feed a baby that? Me that's who!

Enjoy the pics.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recap of the past few days.......

Hello Blog! It feels like it's been a long time since I last visited here! Seems I have some catching up to do. I'll start with this past weekend. Eddy, Des & Hunter came & picked me up early Saturday morning to go with them to some yard sales! So after I fixed David breakfast & he went to bed, we took off. We actually had a pretty good time & I found a few deals I just couldn't live without. Like a little red wagon for Hunter & a brand new George Foreman grill! Saturday night after David left, was spent packing everything up & getting ready to go down to Big David's. Brittni & Jerimiah came over late & spent the night & we all got up about 6 and loaded up the truck & headed to pick David up from work. David bought everybody breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We got down to Big David's around noon & had a great time. Brittni & Jerimiah drove our Chevy & we took the little Mitsubishi, and guess what? I am actually IN LOVE with that little truck! It drove like a Mercedes, used VERY LITTLE gas, and was extremely comfortable. I told David if he'd just fix the windshield & paint it some other color than maroon - (and not camo) I'd drive it every day. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, we all had a good time. I actually got to spend some time with Jerimiah, and guess what? He's not such a bad kid after all. I really saw him take care of Britt this weekend, and saw for myself that he DOES care for her. So that was nice. We headed back home Monday afternoon late, and didn't get back until around 10:30 or so. We were exhausted. Then it was back to work on Tuesday. I had a dentist appt. that afternoon, I have a sliver of bone that is breaking thru the skin & driving me CRAZY. He just took his little hook thing, broke it off & tried to file it down - all without ANY anesthesia~ouch. He said if it's not better in a couple of weeks, he'll have to go back in & do minor surgery to take care of it. Look, it's not bothering me THAT much!
The rest of the week's been spent pretty much working. I'm planning on going to my Aunt Bev & Grandma's on Saturday night. She is having surgery a week from this Monday & I know they probably need some things done. And I STILL need to get down & see the kids new apartment. Maybe I can roll all that up in one big trip Saturday night - or maybe they'd like to go to Grandma's with me...who knows? Well, once again, I need to get back to work...will try post some pictures later of the Stuttgart trip. me

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It is ALL done!

Finally, finally finally! It is ALL done! My house is spotless! Everything! ALL my laundry is done - unless you count the clothes I just threw in the hamper after my jacuzzi bath! And I feel so settled. So on top of it. So in CONTROL of my home! HA! But, it was a loooong battle.
See, the kids came & got the rest of their things today. Of course I'm finding little things here & there & making a pile in the 2nd guest room. Did you hear that? I said SECOND GUEST ROOM! The first thing I did when David left for work was head for the kids old bedroom & started cleaning. Dusting, changing the sheets, vacuuming. Putting stuff back where it was. There's a few reminders that they were here, like the baby swing & some of Eddy's Army clothes & boots in the closet. But I knew if I didn't just bite the bullet & get it over with, I'd find myself in & out of their room, missing them. I figure the best way to handle it is to turn it back into our other guest room & make it like it was before they moved in (and out) - again! So that's that.

We are planning a trip to Stuttgart for Labor Day. Actually, it's not much of a trip. I'm going to take David to work Saturday evening, them come back home & pack everything up, then I'm going to get up at 6 a.m., load the dogs in the kennel & pick David up from work. He's going to sleep while I drive us down there. He gets off at seven, so that should put us there around noon. We'll have the rest of Sunday, then most of Monday. We'll leave Monday night & head back, and David will drive while I sleep because I have to be back at work on Tuesday. I asked Terri today if I could take the day off because we were going to David's dads. This is one of the only times she's ever told me no. At least I know why. See I've had a bad two weeks at work - zero sales last week & only one this week. That puts just one on my paycheck next Friday-so sad. Plus we've just started a new contest. A CASH contest. So I need to get on the ball! I was out all day Monday too. My sister called me around 6:30 that morning & said she was taking my mom to the emergency room. Her heart rate was 3 times what it should be. They put her on some I.V. meds & got it back down, then they got it too slow. So we spent the entire day in Trauma Room 10 at Washington Regional. They finally let her go home that afternoon late, and she has to follow up with a cardiologist. This is something she's had since she was in her early twenties, my sister has it too evidently, but Mom hasn't had an episode in eight or nine years. The bad news is the doctor said at her age, once it starts messing up again, it usually just continues to do so. So they mentioned medicine to keep it from beating too fast, and possibly a pacemaker to keep the medicine from dropping it too low. She did not like the sound of that, but if it comes down to it, my sister & I will convince her she needs to have it done. Just keep her in your prayers please.
Anyhoo....that's it for tonight. Since everything is done I am off to bed! me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Happening

I know the title to this post is the same as a TV sitcom from many years ago, but ya know what? Sometimes my LIFE feels like a TV sitcom from many years ago! Ha!
This is "what's happening" in our little corner of the world:
Eddy & Des got an apartment today in Fayetteville! Yes, they are moving out! And as sad and emotional as I am about it all, I know it is for the best. You can't have 2 Kings & 2 Queens living in one castle, right? Or...no house is big enough for two families...man I am just full of neat little sayings today, aren't I? All in all, it is a good thing. They got used to living on their own when they were in Kansas, and I think they are missing that now that they are home. And honestly, Fayetteville isn't too far away. David & I both just wish them the best of luck and of course, will be here if they need us. I think I'm going to miss Hunter the most of course. I have to keep reminding myself that this is what married couples do, they strike out on their own. And that was the plan all along. I can't help it that I secretly prayed they'd just live with us FOREVER!
Brittni is settling back in to college life just fine. She came over Saturday night & we ordered all (most) of her books. I asked her on the phone the other day if she was back in the swing of being a college student yet. Know what she said? "Mama, I am a MUCH better college student than I am a Subway manager!" Ahhhh, now THAT'S what I like to hear!
David, Eddy, Hunter & I made a trek out to Elkins last night & David purchased another truck. I say another, because I don't think I posted about the '97 Dodge he bought last week for $1500, and turned around & sold it 2 days later for $4000! I LOVE CRAIGSLIST! The vehicle he bought last night is a funky looking little thing. It's a 4WD Mitsubishi that used to be a Montero SUV but is now a pickup truck! Yup, that's what I said. He got it for $900, and he can't wait to camo it out & head down to Stuttgart with it. You'll be able to recognize me sitting in the passenger side by....well, you'll recognize me no matter what, cuz of all the camo, and not to mention there is no such thing as a Mitsubishi Montero pickup! David of course is still on the look out for a little car for Brittni for school. She is getting pretty impatient sitting back watching David go buy all these "toys" as she calls them, while she's driving the blazer back & forth to Fayetteville & the Highlands. I just have to keep reminding her that it's not so bad. Her daddy is furnishing her a vehicle to get back & forth to school & work, no payments, he pays the insurance, buys her books, and furnishes her with some extra gas money every week....poor girl, she's really got it hard ;-)!
As for me, well, I feel like I am in a total state of chaos. Work is the same. Too much noise, can't concentrate, my head is NOT in it right now (obviously, I am blogging instead of making calls), and I can't seem to reel myself in. I know the answer is simple - let it all go & pray. I've got the praying part down, it's the "letting it all go" that is my hurdle. AND, I somehow got behind on the laundry & housekeeping so it's a total disaster, and everyone who knows me knows I'm not "settled" and in order, if my house is unsettled & out of order. Tonight is David's late night to leave - 10:30. It's hard on me if I stay up at that point to get it all done. Tomorrow night might be easier. Hmmmm....procrastination....you are my friend! me

Friday, August 27, 2010

He got the job! She got the job!

Eddy got the job at JB Hunt! Eddy got the job! He got the job!!!!! Oh, and guess what else? Desiree got the job at the daycare center! She got the job too! Things are looking up for the kids & I'm SO proud of both of them. Des will be able to take Hunter to the day care center with her.
Eddy will be working nights, the same nights & almost the same hours as David. They are both so excited!
Brittni finished up her first week at school. She's going to come over tomorrow night & go online & order her textbooks. She's going to school full time & still managing the Subway in Bella Vista. She just got a raise too! She's got a lot on her plate, but she's strong & I know she'll be able to handle it.
David's gotta go to work again tonite, so hopefully, I'll get some energy & get the house back in order, but at this point, I'm not promising anything ;-).
Well, this is gonna be a short post, but I had to share the good news! me

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Interview

It's a busy busy morning here at my humble home. Eddy is up & getting ready for an interview at J.B. Hunt! Yes! That's what I said. He sent his resume in when they first got home & has been faithfully calling & emailing every week checking on "the status" of said resume. What is SO sweet is that this is his first REAL interview with a big time corporate company. And when he found out he had to be there at 9 a.m. this morning the first thing, David gave him some money & told him to go get some dress clothes for his interview. He is looking SHARP! Please keep him in your prayers that God may see fit to give him this job!

I don't have to go in to work this morning. Instead, we are having a team building meeting at Fast Lanes! Hmmm...don't know how I feel about it yet, but we'll see.

Well, David just walked in the door, I need to get him some breakfast before I take off. me

Chocolate Pudding Is So Good!

Just had to share a couple pictures I just downloaded off my camera. He is getting SO big.
We just love him to death! Can you blame us-ha! me

Thursday, August 19, 2010

College, Pictures, Jobs...

Have I told ya'll yet that Brittni Dianne starts school at the U of A on Monday? Well, she does! Isn't God amazing? We somehow pulled it ALL together, the FASFA, her shot records, picking out her classes, even her work schedule. (And the "we" at the beginning of the sentence, should read "God" instead!) All we like is finding her a little car to drive back & forth to Fayetteville, but David is working on that, and until then, he's said she can drive the Blazer! So we are good to go.

The kids brought Hunter up to work this morning to visit. No one can believe how big he's gotten! Or the fact that he can crawl all over everywhere! They are going to pick up his pictures today! I am SO excited! I'm sure I'll have to share. Also, Desiree had an interview at a day care center in Johnson today. She'll be able to work at the center & Hunter will be in a class too. And...Eddy is at the V.A. right now. He needs to get the operation on his knee done before his insurance with the Army runs out. So, I'm waiting on hearing back from them about that.

Work is crazy. I mean C.R.A.Z.Y. They moved me to a different desk & it is killing me! It is SO loud. It doesn't help that I am the first desk anyone walks by when they come into my department, so of course everyone thinks they have to stop & visit. Also, I am surrounded by the loudest salespeople in the department! So, I had a mini conversation with Terri this morning & told her that if I don't pull out of this slump I'm in, I will HAVE to move. Being the top salesperson is a hard job - & if I can't do my job because I am distracted not only will I not be the top salesperson anymore....but I won't make any money. And that is NO GOOD.

I'll keep ya posted....me

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday's Random Dozen

I'm starting to LOVE the Random Dozen! I see it like this: Some days, I just don't have much to post, unless I bore ya'll to death with Hunter stories, or do the whole "Woke up, went to work, came home, cooked, cleaned, went to bed" post, and hey, that puts EVEN ME to sleep-ha! There are other days...that I probably shouldn't blog. You know the kind of days where you're a little bit whine-y, feeling a little under appreciated, or a little bit sorry for yourself? That is NOT why I started this blog, so I have to watch myself & be careful about that. So THANK YOU Linda - for your random - ness!
1. What is your favorite fair/carnival food?
That is soooo easy! Funnel cakes! But, we very seldom go to the fair anymore, I'm sure that will change when Hunter gets a little bit bigger though.
2. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
Yes - if kids count. I am holding on too much - as usual. They are grown & I need to let them go. I just think I love them too much sometimes!
3. What is your favorite gift to receive?
Flowers - roses to be exact. But it's much better to get them out of the blue, for no reason at all, than to get them when I'm expecting them. (Does that even make sense?)
4. When was the last time you tried something new?
Last Wednesday...The Random Dozen! :)
5. What is your fav & least fav book genre?
Favorite is Mystery, least favorite, hmmm probably Political
6. Silver or Gold?
Much to my girl's dismay, it is gold. They think gold is so "80's". I think gold matches my wedding ring, and all my other rings & REAL jewelry!
7. What makes you sigh?
It depends, sigh - in a good way? Any & every thing Hunter! And, falling asleep curled up next to my sweet hubby! Sigh in a bad way? Coming home to a dirty house, especially if it was clean when I left!
8. If you didn't know how old you are, how old would you claim you are?
That depends on the day! On good days - I'd be at least 10 years younger! But some days I feel like I'm 90!
9. Would you break a law to save a loved one? To protect a loved one?
YES, and YES. No hesitation. 'Nuff said!
10. If you had to teach something, what would it be?
I had to think about this one. I think it would be some type of Bible study. NOT because I know enough about it to teach it, but because I know I'd be much more faithful about studying & reading it myself, if I was teaching it.
11. You're having lunch with 3 people whom you respect & admire. They begin to criticize a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. What do you do?
Ahhh, there always HAS to be a tough one in here. I'd defiantly defend the person by pointing out all of her good qualities. Depending on how they were criticizing her, I'd quite possibly say, well___ is a VERY good friend of mine, and you obviously don't know her like I do, or you wouldn't feel that way about her. (I've actually done this before). I'd love to be one of those outspoken women who just says exactly what she thinks, no matter what it was, but I'm much more conservative than that unfortunately.
12. Which of the 5 Love Languages is your prominent means of experiencing love?
David & I have actually read this book & took the test. I experience love most by Word of Affirmation, I SHOW my love mainly by Acts of Service.

Well, I'm out of time, gotta get back to work! Happy Random Dozen-ing everyone! me

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hunter is crawling!

It's been a crazy few days around here. Hunter-man is crawling. I mean REALLY REALLY crawling! And, he pulls himself up on everything. I went in to peek at him in his crib the other morning, and he was standing up laughing! It's too funny, but scary too - cuz he is just growing up so quickly! I'm worried about the corners on the coffee table & things like that. Desiree' asked me today if I was this worried when Eddy & Brittni were babies and I said no, but they were my kids...not my grandson! HA!

We got the FASFA filled out tonight for Brittni. I HATE filling that thing out. I hate anything that has to do with our taxes though, so go figure ha! I think all we need to do now is get a copy of her shot records from JBU & fax them to the U of A then she can go pick her classes. Her car broke down a couple days ago, so David had her come get the Blazer. He's looking for her a good little dependable car on Craigslist, and wants to spend about $1500. I just wish we weren't in such a hurry to get one, so we could take our time & find a good one that will hold up for a couple years. But David knows what he's doing, and he won't buy something unless it's mechanically sound.

That's about all I've got for now. David is at work, the kids are in the living room watching a movie & I'm thinking about calling it a night. So...til next time...me

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Dozen

So I'm trying the "Random Dozen" again hosted by Linda @ 2nd Cup Of Coffee. I've tried to do this in the past & just can NOT figure it out. I can't seem to paste anything into my blog...so, I'll do it the old fashioned way...one question at a time:

1. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

I honestly can't remember. It's been a while. But what I can remember is how GOOD it feels when it happens.

2. If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?

Honestly? I'd blow it. It seems any time I carry any amount of cash with me, it just disappears. On coffee, the vending machine here at work, McDonald's... or - I give it to David before he leaves for work so he'll have some cash on him. I MUCH prefer my debit card.

3. Do you volunteer anywhere?

YES! I volunteer at home..I volunteer to clean the house, do the laundry, take the trash out, fix dinner....all of it! (But to answer the question, no - I wish I did, but I simply don't have the time.

4. What is your favorite summertime veggie or fruit, and how do you eat it?

That's a hard one, I love watermelon & cantaloupe, just cut up with a little salt on it. But I really REALLY love fried squash & okra. Oh, and cucumbers, and tomatoes..and...well, I guess I like most of them.

5. Is your social sphere (circle of friends) small, medium or large?

It's small, very small. But that makes it that much more special

6. When was the last time you attended a family reunion? How did it go?

I can't remember the last time I attended one, it has been many many years. I did however, MISS one this past weekend in Texas. David had to work.

7. When you're feeling blue, what is the best way someone can cheer you up?

That's easy...a hug from David makes everything better. Or, I can snuggle up with my precious grandson & he makes my world right again.

8. Have you taken a vacation this summer?

YES! We spent 5 days in Cancun...amazing, can't wait to go back.

9. What is the most unnecessary item you carry with you all the time.

My glasses. They are supposed to help me see, bifocals you know? But I can't seem to get used to them, so I never wear them.

10. What is the best summer flick you have seen so far?

We haven't been to the movies in a long time, but I watched "It's complicated" on DVD this past weekend & it was hilarious. (Gotta love chick flicks)

11. Describe a perfect summer day.

Camping at Beaver lake. Waking up early, sitting outside having coffee with David & watching the sun come up over the lake.

12. Please share a favorite photo from the summer so far!
It's at the top. This is when we went into town in Mexico & spent the day shopping..& drinking the tequila they kept giving us at each of the shops!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So very tired

I am SO feeling the lack of sleep I got last night. It has been, and IS a rough day. I finally fell asleep around 2:30 this morning, then Des called me at 5:30 because my little Hunter-man was awake & crying & she couldn't lift him out of his crib. He was wide awake & raring to go! I finally got him back to sleep at 6:45 - just in time for me to start getting ready for work! I don't know when I lost the ability to get by on just a couple hours of sleep - but I've for sure lost it! I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. So tired, so sleepy, and SO ready for five o'clock. I really really wish Monday thru Friday went by as quickly as the weekend does! That reminds me of an older woman I used to work with at Montgomery Wards - a loooong time ago, way back when my kids were babies. Every time she asked me how I was I'd say something to the effect of "Fine, I just wish it was Friday". Finally one day she said to me..."Do you realize you are wishing your life away?" And I understood then that she was right. However, it still doesn't keep me from saying it every now & then. And today when I said it...I MEANT it. I really wish it were Friday, sometime around noon, so I could just hop in the truck & go home & take a nap - a really LONG nap. Like one that runs into tomorrow - and doesn't end until about, oh, say - noon-ish!
On a brighter note - David & Eddy are on their way home. I really hate to admit it, but I sure miss my husband when he's gone. Sssshhh...let's keep that our little secret ;-) me

Never a dull moment

Well the "girls week" thing went out the window Sunday night around 8 o'clock. Des had gone to her dad's about 3 or so & I had every intention of vacuuming, dusting, going the whole nine yards. But instead, I ended up with a killer headache & decided a nap was in order. I woke up about 6 and remembered I had to go to the dreaded Wally World to get dog food. Dog food turned into laundry detergent, that turned into milk that turned into...well, you get the picture. Anyway, the only "fun" thing I bought was a toy for Hunter - of course!

Des got home right behind me & walked in & had a fever. Not a slight fever, but 102.8 fever! So we called the emergency number her doctor gave her & no one answered. We ended up calling the emergency room here & they said to bring her in right away. So we grabbed Hunter & the diaper bag & off we went. About six HOURS later, they sent us home with a script for more antibiotics & some nausea medicine. She was dehydrated & had an infection, so it was good we went. Brittni got there about ten & stayed until after one helping me entertain the baby. There wasn't anything for him to do except sit in our laps. I had hoped he'd go to sleep but there was just way too much going on for that. We got home around 2 a.m. and got a little sleep. On the way home she called her mom back to let her know she was coming home, but would defiantly need help with Hunter while I was at work. So her mom drove up today & stayed all day with her here at the house...and is coming tomorrow too. Remember David & Eddy are in Stuttgart...so we are on our own here.

Tonight I've been cleaning house-again. Well, trying to. It's a lot harder than I remember folding & putting up clothes with an 18 pound baby on my hip! My back is KILLING me! But, I put him down around nine & he is still out. The only down side is that I can not vacuum. And as of 1 a.m. - it is all I like. I'd like to think I'll do it in the morning before I leave for work, but we all know what I morning person I am...not!

My grandma called me at work today with WONDERFUL news. She is scheduled to have surgery on Sept. 20th to get the colostomy bag thing 'un-done'. And...she is going to be removed from hospice either this month or next. God is SO good. I told her she was a lot tougher than they gave her credit for. She has lots of stuff she wants to get done before her surgery, so I plan on going down on Saturday evenings & helping as much as I can.

Well, that's about it for now..I'm gonna go take a muscle relaxer for my back & hit the sheets! me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Girls Weekend - sort of

We are trying to have a "girl's weekend/week" here. I say trying because Desiree' is still recovering from her surgery, & it seems the pain is increasing with the number of days gone by that she actually had the surgery. I think maybe she over-did it a little, what with going to the Grape Festival the night after & then taking a trip to Eureka Springs the day after that. But hey- who am I to get in the way of having a little fun?

David & Eddy headed out at 7 a.m. this morning for Stuttgart. I'm not expecting them back til Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. They went because it is way past time David goes down & checks on his dad. He's got another heart surgery scheduled this month. Hopefully they can get by with just stints again, but if not, they'll have to go ahead & do open-heart surgery while they've got him in there. If THAT happens, I'm not sure what we'll do. We don't have any vacation time left, and he'll need someone down there to help him recuperate I'm sure. And, tomorrow David has to go to our attorney down there & find out about getting some paperwork started on the farm. It's a very long drawn out story, but bottom line is this: Uncle Bob's kids showed up with the "authorities" yesterday & had papers stating that they could go in Bob & Jessie's house & take anything they wanted. It's funny to me they never had anything to do with their dad & Aunt Jessie while they were alive. They wouldn't even help pay for their funerals, David & Big David had to do that. Truth be told I think Big David is STILL paying on it. But now, now they want to come in & take everything, including the house & land & that's not how Grandpa & Grandma Allen wanted it. And honestly, it's none of MY business, and I don't think anyone cares what they take from the old house. It's the Allen land that David's dad lives on that we're worried about. Anyway, we'll find out more when David talks to the lawyer tomorrow.

I've been helping out with Hunter-man since Des isn't supposed to pick him up for 6 weeks! And don't think for a second I'm not LOVING it! I got up with him at 5:30 this morning & changed him & fed him & played with him. Then when he got sleepy I brought him into my bed & cuddled until he fell asleep about 7 or so. Then we both took a power nap & I woke up at 9:30 to these great big beautiful blue eyes just staring at me & smiling. It was SO sweet.

Brittni came over last night & we filled out the worksheet for the FASFA. I'd like to say that we finished it, but I totally forgot that our accountant has our W-2's & we need those numbers before we can officially fill it out & submit it. And considering that the U of A starts up in a couple of weeks, well, I've got to get on the ball.

Anyhoo, I'm not sure yet what today is going to consist of. I'd love to go see my mom, but it's a good hour's drive away, and I think Des probably needs to take it easy today. She was running a little bit of a fever this morning, so we probably should just stay home & watch movies on the Hallmark channel or Lifetime or something productive like that.

The boys took Boogie with them, but of course left me with my big bundle of chaos. Bam is currently in the kennel because I can't leave him out without keeping Hunter in my arms at all times. They are going to be the best of friends when they both get a little bigger, but right now Bam thinks it's great fun to lick Hunter all over the face & knock him down, and I'm just not cool with that.

Well, gotta go check on the kids...me

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! I am SO glad you are here! Friday couldn't come soon enough for me this week! My boss has been on vacation, so I've been "Acting Boss" all week. Let me just say this now, I do NOT have any desire to have that position. EVER. I like very much just being responsible for myself & doing my job. And speaking of doing my job, I had 3 sales this week. Yup, I got the 3rd one in right at deadline yesterday. 3 sales means I get my incentive on top of my commission. Yay!
Desiree is doing good after her surgery. She is defiantly sore, but managing the pain a lot better than I would be. Yesterday afternoon they left the house & didn't get home til about 10:30 last night. I think they met her dad at the Grape Festival. They came home with a t-shirt for Hunter that said, "Don't look at me, that smell is coming from Grandpa!" and a wooden picture frame insert for me for Hunter's picture. I LOVE presents & especially surprises!
They're taking Hunter today to a portrait studio to have his picture made. I know they brought one of his camo outfits & David's duck calls for one set! CUTE! I'll have to figure out a way to scan them when they're done & post them on here for sure.
Not much else going on except I have to tell you that I got the recipe for the peach cobbler from Brenda & made it Wednesday night! It was super easy & very tasty. I also made fried green tomatoes & boiled cabbage & fried pork loin. How's that for some good old fashion Southern Cooking?
There is one other thing on my mind today, and I blame it all on David! He said something this morning that I can't quite shake off. I can't get it out of my head. That was probably his intention since he said the words, "this is something I think about every day" before he made the following statement: "What are we working towards?" Keep in mind that he said it after he told me they were getting ready to get into their busy season at work, and people were talking about overtime and all the extra money they could make. And I told him that even if he worked overtime & brought home more money we'd just "absorb" it. Meaning we wouldn't save it up & do or buy anything special or extra with it. We wouldn't put it towards paying something off faster, like our truck, or credit card or something. So in my opinion, it wouldn't be worth it. He'd have even LESS time at home. But I can't get it out of my head. What ARE we working towards? Hmmm...I'll have to ponder that one for a while. I'll let you know what I figure out. me

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The kid's stopped at Cabela's yesterday on the way to Kansas...I got a picture text with the words..."Buy for me?" I almost said YES! I can just picture this, right beside his papa David's recliner...both of them sitting there looking so cute! But, I stopped myself just in time. It's still a precious picture though! Between his papa, his daddy & his name...this little guy is going to LOVE the outdoors! me

Mid-Week Update

Desiree is having her lap band surgery today! I'm so happy/nervous for her! I asked her yesterday if she was scared & she said "no, I'm just ready to get it over with". She's been on a liquid diet for 2 whole weeks! If I could do that, I'd be able to lose the weight without the surgery-sheesh! There are a few things about it that concern me, and for me personally, I'd have to think LONG & HARD before taking the plunge and doing this. Mainly, you can not eat any type of bread, rice, cereal, anything that "swells up" in your stomach...ever again! Anyway, I keep teasing her & telling her she is going to be my guinea pig...I'll watch & see how she does over the next year, then decide if it's something I'd consider! HA!
Since the kids left yesterday to go to Kansas for the surgery, David & I had the night to ourselves last night. So I got home from work & we loaded up & headed to our local Wal Mart Neighborhood Market! We were supposed to just be going for a few staples, and something to cook for dinner with the green tomatoes my friend Sherry brought me, but since we weren't in any hurry, and hadn't really been grocery shopping & stocked up for quite a while, well, we went CRAZY! $250 later, my pantry is full, my freezer is full & we should be good to go...for a day or two at least! Actually, I enjoy going shopping with David. I tend to have this habit of buying (and cooking) the same things over and over AND OVER again. When we go together though, we walk down every aisle & find new things to try out! And you want to know something funny? By the time we got home, unloaded & put everything up, then worked the dogs, it was 9:30 and I ended up not cooking dinner at all! How does THAT happen?
Speaking of working the dogs....Boogie is doing AMAZING! She is going to win the "Duck Dog Challenge" this year down in Stuttgart! I just know it! Bam however...you know...MY DOG ....he seems to have lost his drive a little bit! He's doing great on the "heel, sit, here" part - for his age, he is only 8 months old, but he was a little distracted on his retrieves last night. I don't know if it's this VERY HOT Arkansas weather or what...but it seemed like he'd lost some of his focus! But hey - who am I to talk about being distracted or losing focus, right?
Monday night Brenda invited us to come down for supper. They are having a big 'ol Texas Family Reunion this weekend, and unfortunately David & I can not attend, because of course, he has to work! A while back when we'd gone down to visit her she showed us a couple different videos (or home movies) someone had taken & made copies of, from 15 or so years ago- back when the family used to get together for Christmas or a birthday or something. It was SO AMAZING to watch, that we suggested when she goes down to the reunion, she take our video camera & do the same thing! So...we took it down to her for her to take this weekend. It ended up that my whole "little family" got to go. Brittni & McKenzie (the new boy) even went! (The Brittni thing IS getting better) We had such a good time just hanging out & visiting. Hunter man LOVES going to his nee nee's. And Brenda made the best BBQ sandwiches & peach cobbler. I have GOT to get that recipe...it was soooooo delicious! Everything she makes is just SO good. I can only hope one day, I can cook as well as she does!
Work this week is crazy. Terri (my boss) is on vacation, which means I'm in charge & trying to take up the slack. I will be glad when she gets back. I only have 2 sales so far this week, which means I desperately need one more to hit my incentive. And, since I'm not going to be able to get that while I'm blogging...I'd better go for now. me

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time to go see our Grandma!

So...last night I decided it was time to go see Grandma again. We haven't been out there since 4th of July weekend. And I remember when she was SO sick in the hospital & I was so worried we might lose her & felt so bad because I never hardly took the time to go visit with her & my Aunt Bev. Now - she is doing SO much better. She has taken herself off her oxygen. She sits up in her chair for most of the day. She gets in her wheelchair & eats at her dining room table & even does the dishes again! Aunt Bev even put her in the car & they took Ryan (my cousin) to work one afternoon when he needed a ride. God is so good! So last night after David went to work - we went to Grandma's! (Here is where I need to add that Brittni had called Desiree yesterday & told her that she had finally really broken up with Jeremiah & wanted Eddy & Des to bring Hunter over & hang out with her. Des told her she'd already made plans with me to go see Grandma & Brittni asked if she could come too - and bring a friend....a GUY friend that was not Jeremiah.) So, I got David off to work, and since ALL of us couldn't fit in one vehicle, Des & Hunter went to pick up Brittni & her friend, and me & Eddy went in his truck and got dinner for David & Keithon and took it to them, then we all met up at Grandma's.
I am sorry to say I forgot my camera. I even told David that I was going to bring my camcorder & video Grandma, Bev & Hunter so I'll have that forever. But as usual, I was in a great big hurry trying to get dressed, put the dogs up, start the dishwasher...and I just forgot. Anyway...we had such a great time. It is so funny when my little family goes to my grandma's. We all love to visit & talk & when we got home, Eddy said "mama, there were so many conversations going on at once I just shut up". Ha! That's a laugh. Eddy talks more than me! But I think it's because we love being with them & are all trying to fill them in on everything going on & there's just SO much to say! Hunter man loves Grandma P. But he also LOVES his Aunt Bevy. He would just smile SO big when she talked to him. She got some REALLY good pictures...and I know she'll share. She always does. There are some times in our lives, that I wouldn't have a picture one of - if Aunt Bev hadn't been there to take them! Thank you Bev!
And speaking of pictures...so, the Brittni thing is not exactly resolved at our house, right? And she brings this new guy to Grandma's. And for the record he is SUCH an improvement from the last one! He was very nice & respectful & actually participated in the conversation...even Eddy liked him (sort of)! But, since Brittni hasn't really been coming over here much, and I wanted David to see him & know what he looked liked, when Bev & I were in the kitchen by ourselves, I asked her if she could sneak a picture of him & Brittni & email it to me! And this morning, at 6:30 I decided to check my email & she DID! It's a good picture too & I can't wait for David to get home so I can tell him all about our night!
Since it's time for him to be walking in the door...I should go start some breakfast. I know I've got more to blog about...remember, I made myself a list. But it won't be this morning. There are biscuits & gravy to be made. So..til next time...me

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So many things to say

For once I actually have SO much to say...but not enough time to say it. I'm still at work & it's almost time for me to get out of here...so I was sitting at my computer & thought..I'm gonna make a list on my blog...of things I want to blog about - when/if I ever have the time. It'll be a list of random things I want to mention...or things I may end up writing a book about. Who knows? But here goes...
1. I had 7 sales this week! Count them S.E.V.E.N.! That is wonderful & God is SO good.
2. Desiree' is having "lap band" surgery next week. On the 4th! Pray for her please
3. David, Eddy, Hunter & I went & had lunch at Brittni's Subway Tuesday. It didn't go as I'd hoped it would. More on that later
4. Toyota is putting a new motor in the kids car...for the grand total of $50. Yes, I said fifty. It's some kind of deductible they have to pay. Again, God is so good.
5. I will have the house to myself tonight once David leaves for work. So much to do, so little energy. (Maybe I'll blog) HA!
6. Facebook has proven itself to be a GOOD thing (I always wondered about that). Will talk more later about it too.
Well, that's not even close to all that's on my mind lately, but hey, it's a start. Gotta run, the grocery store awaits! Til next time....me

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have "The Fever"

What a great weekend we had! Last night after David went to work, Eddy, Des, Hunter & I all went to Hickory Creek & had dinner with my mom & sister. They've been camping there for the past 2 weeks and are going home today. Last Sunday David & I took Boogie & Bam & drove down & went swimming with the girls (our nieces). And worked the dogs of course! Bam loves the water. But last night, after we took David & Keithon some pizza at work, it was too late to swim. I have this aversion to swimming in a lake after dark. I KNOW there are snakes in the lake & I have to be able to see. So we all just sat around the campfire, ate & visited. It was really nice & relaxing. There is only one problem. I now officially OFFICIALLY have "the fever"...camping fever that is. David & I bought a new camper last summer. We traded our little one in & got a much bigger, much nicer one. And guess what? WE HAVEN'T USED IT EVEN ONCE! For those of you that don't camp - let me just tell you, it is a lot of fun! It's something we've done with the kids since they were little. We swim, tube, fish, play, relax. It is amazing. And - it is a LOT of work. Our little camper was decked out. I had everything I needed packed in it always. There was no need to load up dishes, pots, pans, sheets, NOTHING. All we had to do was buy some food, pack a few clothes, hook up & take off. I have NOT done that with the new camper yet. And just so you know, our idea of camping isn't "roughing it" at all. We have air conditioning, tv, bathroom, all kitchen appliances, we have all the comforts of home. I wouldn't enjoy it at all if we didn't. And that's where the problem lies. I really need David to go pick up the camper at Mr. Dick's & bring it home for a couple weeks. I need to clean it again from top to bottom. I need to see what I can part with here at the house & what I actually need to go out & buy. (Yard sales are AMAZING for that). I need it hooked up here at the house to make sure the A/C gets as cold as we need it to. I need to get "black out" curtains for all the windows so David can sleep in the daytime when he has to work. I also need to see how big the closets are-ha! And there's one other thing I'm worried about...yes - it's Boogie and Bam! They are, of course, part of the family, so "kenneling" them is not an option. But I'm not sure how they will do at camp for 2 whole weeks. We have a pretty good schedule going here at home. It goes something like this.... I come home at lunch & feed them & take them out. Basically, during the part of the week when David has to work, I take care of the dogs. And Hickory Creek is too far away for me to drive down at lunch. So we'll have to figure something out on that. But I am confident that we will. Because I have decided that we will not let this summer sneak away without going camping! me

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am good to go!

It's late, and I'm tired, but I wanted to take a minute & give an update on my dentist appointment today. It looks like I am good to go. No extra surgery should be needed unless I develop an infection somewhere down the road. He said I will hurt, & should expect to hurt - for quite a while. The broken bone will heal itself. So that's great news! (Other than the hurting part, and that's what the pain pills are for ha!). I'm just glad to know the worst is over, I'm feeling better every day, and by Monday, I should be able to go to work & WORK...like normal.
I babysat my little Hunter-man tonight while the kids went to the clubhouse & worked out. We had lots of fun & just sat & talked & talked. Sure wish I knew what that little guy was saying!
Anyway, David's at work, I just finished up all the laundry, and I'm about to crack open a good book & call it a night. Til next time.....me

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to work......

So I actually went to work today....and stayed ALL day! It was awful. I can't even describe how hard it was trying to talk to dealers on the phone & get contracts in with a broken jaw! But I did it. (The talking part...no sales this week, but I guess that's what happens when you're out sick all week). Tomorrow at noon I go in for my next x-ray to see what's going on & if they're going to have to put me in the hospital to fix my jaw. Hopefully, everything will be ok & I'm good to go.

Tonight is going to be all about trying to get my house back in some semblance of order. The kids did the lawn this evening & it looks really good. Too bad we can't just sit outside & pretend everything looks good on the inside too. That's what happens when I'm down & out for a few days. I'm gonna spend the next hour trying to speed clean everything. I hate a dirty house...especially on the weekend. Wish me luck! me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-Week Update

I have been off work since noon on Friday. Yes, I know it is Wednesday night. What you don't know is this: I went to the "oral surgeon" on Monday for that little toothache I had. See, Dr. Combs decided that he couldn't pull it, and since he was sending me to an oral surgeon anyway, there were a couple OTHER teeth I needed to have taken out. Sounds easy, right? Go in, they stick a little needle in your arm, you go to sleep & when you wake up...ta-da...it's over & done with, right? WRONG! Because for starters, when I woke up - THEY WEREN'T DONE! Oh, and did I mention that he broke my jaw? Oh yes he did! And I am miserable. I have to go back on Friday afternoon for x-rays, because evidently, there is a high risk of infection. And, should an infection set in, he has to put me in the hospital, and they'll go in from the outside and take out the piece of jawbone he broke! It seems I didn't respond too well to the anesthesia, and he had a hard time keeping me "under". All I know is this...I am sick of hurting...I am sick of the pain pills (who'd have thunk it, right?), and I am sick of staying at home. So, I am going to try to go to work tomorrow! David has been his usual wonderful self. He's actually taken pretty good care of me. When they wheeled me out to him after the surgery & the Dr. wanted to talk to him the very first thing he said was..."Before you say anything, can you tell my why my wife is CRYING?" Evidently I was pretty emotional - ha! The doctor told him it was a side effect of the anesthesia...but I don't know if he believed him or not. One thing David can not stand is for me or one of the kids to be hurting and him not be able to fix it. So, when we left he did the only thing he felt like he could do to help...he stopped at Harps & ran in & bought EVERY package of Jello pudding they had! I kid you not. 43 four-packs of Jello! Then, he went to the pharmacy & picked up my meds, went through the drive thru at McDonald's & bought me a large vanilla shake, brought me in the house & set me up in HIS recliner! And, he's taken care of me ever since. He even stayed awake & woke me up every 4 hours the first night so I could take my pain medication, and wouldn't start hurting. I know I've said this before but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. He's not even upset that I'm wasting my last week of vacation at work for this! Ha!

In other news....we found the RING! Yes! And it wasn't the way you're thinking. Yesterday I was laying in bed and Bam jumped up on the bed & laid down beside me. I could tell he had something in his mouth, so of course I went fishing for it & pulled out Eddy's deployment ring! I guess he didn't swallow it after all, but hid it somewhere instead & had just found it again! Makes me wonder where/what else that crazy dog of mine is hiding.

The kid's car is still at Toyota. They called yesterday & said they were NOT going to fix it under warranty & the kids needed to bring back the loaner car & come up with $4500 or come pick up their car. This afternoon Wendall (Des' dad) went with them to take the loaner car back & had a talk with them. It seems he's bought 8 cars from them & referred 23 people to them, and he had a few choice words for them & the way they do business there, especially with young kids that don't know what they're doing. Now, they are re-evaluating their decision, and will have another loaner car for the kids to pick up first thing in the morning. I think it was cool that he went with them & talked to them. David usually has to do all that kind of stuff, so I'm glad he jumped in to help this time.

And on a last note, the Brittni thing is still ongoing. David sent her a text telling her he loves her, I've talked to her a couple times...told her I loved her too. But - she is doing her own thing right now. I still believe she owes us an apology...and I'm sure she still believes she does not. David said we are just gonna leave it like it is, and not bring the subject up when we talk to her. She's got to sort things out on her own & I can't make her see things our way, no matter how hard I try. So I'll continue to do the only two things I know to do in circumstances like this, LOVE her, and pray for her.

Wish me luck at work tomorrow...it really hurts when I talk very much, so I don't know how long I'll make it, but at least I'll get out of the house & start to get back on track & back to normal. me