Friday, May 28, 2010

Part 2 of "Rundown of the weekend/week"

Wednesday I had to take off from work. Brittni & I had an appointment at the U of A to set her schedule. (I didn't realize that's what she was doing, or I probably wouldn't have went) except that I want to support her going back to school every way I can. We had to park a looong way from where our appointment was at Old Main and walk up the hill to get there. It was about 85 degrees & very humid & I thought I was going to die. We fed the meter every coin we had in the truck, which bought us an hour. We got back to the truck in about an hour and 5 minutes...and I had a $20 parking ticket on my windshield. Aaarggh! Then I had to come home & get a bunch of paperwork ready to take to my new tax accountant, so he can help us get this whole tax mess taken care of. I have a LOT of work to do getting stuff he needs, and he gave me 2 weeks to get it done & back to him. Lots of things he asked me about I didn't even know the answers to, about the trucks, drivers, IFTA, things like that. Guess what David's statement was when I told him how the appointment went? He said, "Well, you can work on all that on the nights I have to work!" Great! Just great.
Thursday was a crummy day. Eddy called at 6 am & David had just fallen asleep. Of course he couldn't go back to sleep, and I had to go to work. The good - no GREAT thing about that day, was that the kids came home. Just for the holiday weekend. They've gotta be back in Kansas Monday night. They were supposed to be here when I got home from work today, and spend a little time with David before he had to go to work at 9. BUT - other things came up, and they ended up spending the night with Kim tonight. So that left me home alone & feeling pretty sorry for myself. David caught on real quick to my mood, and suggested that I go shopping for Cancun. I told him I wasn't really in the mood to shop (you know sometimes you like to just mope around & feel sorry for yourself), so he asked me to go buy him some new dress shoes for work (he forgot his good pair & left them down at his dads last time he went). So off I went to look for mens shoes. But - he knew what he was doing, and I ended up coming home with a new pair of capri's, 3 new shirts, and - and.....a BATHING SUIT!!!! It's not perfect. But, I actually kinda sorta like it. Of course, I'm not going to take the tags off or anything until I've looked around & made sure it's the best I can find...but - it's not too bad. I realize that the suit itself can't alter the suit is going to make me look like Cindy Crawford. All this is not to say that I didn't try on several, but, I'm happy with the one I chose. We leave in less than a month, and I haven't even started tanning. The clubhouse was closed by the time I got done shopping. So, I'll try again tomorrow. Tanning is VERY important to me. Like I've always said, "Tan fat looks better than white fat"...if you don't believe me, try a mental picture of....BACON! ;-) me

Hunter Visiting Grandma Purser

*******************************Top: My Aunt Bev. She is a SAINT! She takes care of everybody, always has. Every person in our family at some time or another has depended on Bev (or Bevie as some call her) and she has never EVER let us down. Now, Grandma is at home, on hospice, and Bev is there 24/7 taking care of her.
Middle: My Dad with his great-grandson Hunter. Interesting note: I was Dad's first child, Eddy was his first grandchild, now Hunter is his first Great-grandchild. Oh-and my dad? He's the oldest. He was the first too!
Bottom: My grandma with Hunter.
Family is everything. I wish I had known that ALL my life, instead of learning it in my later

Nee Nee Brenda

Here is Hunter-Man & his Nee-Nee Brenda! I just love this picture!

FIVE Generations!

I think it's rare to have five generations together! This is me, my dad, Eddy, my Grandma Purser - and of course, Hunter-man! He is fast asleep & didn't know a thing!

Rundown of the week - Part 1.

Once again I find myself behind on my blogging. Well heck, it's not JUST on my blogging...I feel and AM behind in my LIFE! It has been a crazy week. Sunday night David had to work. So I picked up Brittni & we went to see my Grandma. Got home LATE of course. Worked Monday, David & I didn't do much Monday night, he mostly be honest, I can't even REMEMBER what we did...wait - went to Macadoodles & that was it. Tuesday...was crazy. Boogie & Bam had an appointment with Dr. Halbert. Bam needed to get his shots, and Boogie? Well, we took her in for a PREGNANCY TEST! Yes, that's what I said. David IS NOT HAPPY! The only thing we can figure out is maybe, somehow, Rope (Elvis' stupid little Red Heeler) maybe got ahold of her. We were SO careful. I remember telling Elvis he HAD to keep him away from her. I told him if something happened somehow that 2 things would happen. First & Foremost, David would be LIVID. You're not supposed to breed a dog the first time they go into heat. Not to mention the fact that we don't want random breed puppies. (Boogie is super purebred, very highly registered). Secondly, if...IF she got pregnant, he'd be the one sitting in the parking lot at Wal Mart with a box full of FREE PUPPIES! Anyway, at first the vet told us a test would cost $600. Then she found one for $100. But after we got there & they started doing the math, they decided we needed to wait a couple weeks before doing the are waiting. One more thing to mention about this little catastrophe is that IF she's pregnant, she is due on June 25th! (The day after we leave for Cancun!). God help me! Anyway, went back to work for a couple hours after that, then got a call from my aunt. She needed me & David to meet her at her house immediately, Hospice was coming out & she needed help moving furniture. Yes, my grandma went home Tuesday evening on Hospice. Wed. me & Brittni went out & did laundry, cleaned, grocery shopped...visited etc. I didn't get home until midnight. There's waaay more to tell, but I'm out of time here at work...follow ups to come - me

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on my grandma

My grandma is getting worse every day. Today the doctor came in & talked to her about authorizing a DNR. He told her she just has SO much going on, he needed to know if her heart stopped, or if she stopped breathing, what her wishes were. She told him she did not want to be kept alive on a machine, and if that happened, to let her go. She is so very weak. And getting weaker every day. I went up last night & stayed for about an hour and a half with my dad. Tonight, as soon as David left for work, I went & picked up Brittni & we headed out to my grandma & Aunt Bev's house. We met Bev out there & tried to help her do a few of the things she hasn't been able to do since she's been at the hospital with Grandma practically 24/7. We did some laundry, vacuumed, swept, did dishes, cleaned out the refrigerator, took out the trash....just little things like that. It didn't take me & Pudge long at all, and Bev had to get back to the hospital. But we did what we could, then ran by the hospital to check on Grandma & kiss her goodnight. She looked worse to me tonight, than she did last night (if that's possible). Then I had to call Eddy & let him know that she's not getting better. Poor baby, he feels so far away, and so helpless up there. I know it's hard on both my too! My grandma has been there all our lives. Hopefully, she'll come out of this & be okay. She's the sweetest/toughest woman I know! Please keep praying for her. me

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tonight, at exactly 7:00 p.m. we had another earthquake! And this time, David & I were both at home. And both felt it. I was in the kitchen making coffee & there was this huge loud boom and I could feel the tile --the floor beneath me shake. The walls shook, the WHOLE house shook. David was in the bedroom & he yelled "What was that?" I ran to the front door & went outside & everyone...EVERYONE in our neighborhood started coming out of their houses trying to figure out what just happened. Three weeks ago, to the day, we had the first one EVER here. It was a 2.5 magnitude. Tonight's was a 2.6! I remember saying last time that I wish I'd been home instead of at work, and that I was sorry I missed it. Nope...changed my mind. If that's what a little one feels like, I don't want to EVER be around when another one hits. It's kind of scary actually. And of course, David had to go to work, so me & my over active imagination are here all by ourselves tonight! So, I'm gonna put Boogie & Bam in bed with me, say my prayers, and call it a night! Another earthquake? Seriously? Kinda creepy. me


He's gonna be a duck hunter! His papaw (David) bought these for him when he was in Stuttgart! He bought a 3-6months....but I may need to send them back & get a bigger size! He is growing SO fast! How CUTE!!!! me

Practicing For Mexico!

Question #1: Is "drunk dialing" and "drunk posting" the same thing? I am not sure. What I AM sure of is this.... this "practicing" for Cancun is KILLING me! Tonight, Terri came over at 6:15. Right as David was leaving for work. (The upside to this story is that David will be home in 3 hours, and if...IF I survive, he will be able to take care of me). The "down" side to this story is that I got it in my head that I need to build up my tolerance to alcohol. We seldom drink here at home. Not nearly as much as we probably should. That being said....I decided I needed to start "practicing" drinking, so that when we are in Mexico, I won't be such a light weight. Several (I really don't know HOW many) jello shots later, ONE full bottle of mango flavored rum, one FULL bottle of Captain Morgan's Spice Rum later....well, I guess it speaks for itself that I am blogging at 12:15 A.M. ! I don't know if I'm better off, or worse off than when I started, but's ALL good! We'll see if I feel that way in 6 hours and 15 minutes (in the morning)!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am currently in a state of "Pre-Mexico" freakout! Oh my goodness! We are leaving in 36 DAYS! Days I tell you! 36 of them. Do you have ANY idea the things I need to do before then? (Besides lose 100 million pounds)! I have to tan. I have to get something adorable done with my hair. I have to color my hair (before then I'm sure), and...and...I have to BUY CLOTHES! Not just cute, comfortable, cool Mexico clothes - but, 2 or 3 dresses...(dinner is semi-formal) everyone that's going from work is "dressing" for dinner each night. And I have to buy a freakin swimsuit! Not just any swimsuit, but one I am somewhat comfortable wearing in front of my co-workers. Can you say..."cute cover-ups" please? The girls that are going from work are taking a different swimsuit for each day. Not me. If I can find just one...IF...just one, I'm sticking to it.

But enough of the whining already! I am VERY VERY excited! I can not wait. David is getting excited too. It is a much needed break from reality. And speaking of reality...I really, really should get back to work! me

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back To Normal

Well things are slowly getting back to normal around here. The kids left yesterday to go back home to Kansas. Yes, I miss them already, but they had to go home. I don't know how much longer they will be up there, it just depends on how quickly the Army moves once they decide to completely & officially approve Eddy's honorable discharge. I am so looking forward to them being back home - for good. We're not sure what they're going to do, work, live....but all those things will work themselves out in time, and of course, David & I will help them all we can.

The contest is over at work - FINALLY! And yes, I hit my goal & won the trip for both me & David. And...there was a little side bet type thing that went on, and me & Terri hit another goal, and we've been upgraded to "The Excellence Club" at the resort. Everything we've found on youtube & other sites show that this is an AMAZING RESORT! And with the upgrade you get your own private beach, & all sorts of extras. We are leaving June 24th & coming back on the 28th. So much to do between now & then, like clothes, etc.

My grandma isn't doing any better. They have something scheduled for Monday that is very risky. It's possible the procedure will "confuse" her, and that it may not be reversible. But it has to be done. So David & I are going to go spend some time with her tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight was all about getting my house back in order, laundry done, etc. And it is!!! I just don't feel settled when everything at home is a mess. I should have done it yesterday, I took the day off sick - with Terri's approval of course. But know what I did? Slept! Like a baby. That whole "post contest burnout" has reared its ugly head again. Thankfully I have a few contracts out that I can pull in next week...then it'll be back to the drawing board, with club change & everything just starts all over again.

Anyway....that's about all I've got for tonite. I planned on uploading some pictures, but my camera is dead, so it'll have to wait. But there will be pictures soon...promise! me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If it can go will!

The following things have happened in the past 24 hours:
1) David called & said he had to go buy a new battery for the bass boat
2) David called & said the air conditioner at home quit working
3) Brittni called at 1:30 a.m. & said her car was broke down & she's stranded at Subway in B.V.
4) Woke up this morning to discover I was missing a diamond earring! (I NEVER take them out).
5) Went in the kitchen for coffee & the refrigerator was making some VERY strange sounds.
6) The one contract that will push me over the edge & pay for David's part of Cancun...GM is off.

Now....I'll try run down that list optimistically:
1) New battery only cost $58
2) Repair man is on his way to our house right now to fix A/C. Said it's probably just low coolant
3) Brittni is borrowing our Blazer, David thinks it's just the fuse again
4) I've been wanting a new pair of BIGGER diamond earrings...(what girl doesn't?)
5) Went home for lunch, refrigerator has mysteriously stopped making said noise
6) Got back & had a voicemail from GM, contract is on the way!!!

Praise God & all that is Holy!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I'm at the point now, that I haven't blogged in a while, so much has been going on, and I don't even know where to begin! I'll start with the fact that my son, daughter in love & grandson are here! HERE! And they'll be here until Friday! Can you even imagine how hard it is for me to get up every morning & go to work? And, AND... the Cancun contest ends on Thursday. This Thursday! I made MY goal, to get me to Cancun. And they booked it last night. Me & David. So, I've gotta bust my butt & hit that second goal, or I'll be owing MSI some $$$. And that's not the plan, so....wish me luck, pray for me, or whatever you can do....cuz I need all the help I can get!

Mother's Day was wonderful! I picked Brittni up at 6:30 a.m., we met David at work & went out to his mom's. He took a nap while everyone went to church, then Eddy, Des & Hunter met us there & we took everyone out to Phil's in Westville. It was a great time with my family. And it reminded me to thank God for my loved ones, and getting to spend time with them. Of course, I didn't get to go see my mom - (my sister is still mad over the Christmas thing), so I mailed her a card & had flowers sent to her work on Friday. I'm ready to be over & done with the drama, but since I called & apologized to her -my sister-on Christmas Eve (and I'm still not sure what I apologized for), I've decided that is all I can do. And I gave it to God.

Moving on....David & Eddy are at the lake right now fishing! They took off around one this afternoon, and Eddy just called & said they're catching fish like crazy, so it doesn't look like they'll be home any time soon. Desiree' has a friend here visiting, she brought her daughter, so she & Hunter are having a "play date" and Des is catching up with a friend. I figured what better time to catch up on my blog, so here I am.

There was a Marine that lost his life last week in Afghanistan that Eddy & Des knew well. Des went to school with him, and Eddy worked with him at O'Reilly's and played football against him in high school. He was only 21 years old. I'd just like to ask anyone who might read my blog to pray for his family. From what I understand, he'd lived with his grandmother, and his parents lived in Britain or somewhere outside of the United States. I can not imagine the pain & emptiness his family & friends feel right now. And we should all be thankful for his service to our country, for his sacrifice, and the sacrifice his family made for us & our freedom.

This is probably where I should reveal the "conclusion" to my cliffhanger from my last post. We are 90% sure that Eddy is being "Honorably Discharged" from the Army. The paperwork has been started. What we are not sure about, is how long it will take to complete, or how long before they will be back home in NWA for good. What I AM sure of, is this. My heart is fragile, and I can not imagine the heartache families go through when their loved ones have been deployed to a hostile area. And I feel that God has answered my prayers. I did not pray for Him to somehow get Eddy out of the Army. What I did pray for, was that whatever His will, that it be done. And that we accept that, no matter what. If it was HIS will that Eddy be released, that HE would lead the way. If not, that we would know that in our heart of hearts, be at peace with it, and trust Him. HE never fails us, never forsakes us, never leaves us. And whether anyone else knows this but me, HIS hands are all over this. Thank you Lord, for keeping my child safe.

Next, we ALL went & visited my grandma Saturday evening. Well, all of us except for David, he of course had to work. She looked SO much better than last weekend. And the first thing she said was, "let me have that baby!" I didn't realize that she has not seen Hunter-man since Christmas Eve! He was only a couple of weeks old, and didn't even weigh five pounds! I have LOTS of pictures, I'll upload them soon I promise. Keep praying for her, she is definitely not out of the woods yet, and today my aunt said they may move her to I.C.U. I plan on trying to get the kids up there one more time before they go back to Ft. Riley, but if not, I'm sure me & Brittni will be there next Saturday again. In the meantime, please pray for her, my aunt (who stays there with her almost 24/7...she's been there EVERY night all night with her-I think she is a saint!) and for her doctors, that God's hand will guide them & they can figure out how to heal her.

Well, that's about all I've got for now...I'll try not to get SO behind next time, so there's not so much, least I have an excuse...WHO wants to be blogging, when their GRANDBABY is in the next room waiting for me? me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TMTTT (Or-Too Much To Try Title)

I honestly don't know WHERE TO START! Oh my goodness, what a crazy couple of days! I guess I should just start at the beginning. You'll remember that David & Elvis went down to check on Big David Monday morning. Which meant that me & Bam had the whole house to ourselves for a couple days. Work was crazy hectic...I am trying so very hard to win that trip to Cancun. I'm not sure, but I may actually be "trying too hard" - I've been known to do that. To just push out phone call after phone call & not slow down and take my time with each individual dealer that might be interested. So today, I tried really hard to change that. Not sure if it did any good, but I guess we'll know in a week. If I'm running around freaking out trying to find a swimsuit that looks good on a obviously I didn't win. But don't worry. The depression will only last until the next contest starts! (And my company LOVES to motivate us, so it won't be too long!)
David got home last night about 7:00. I of course had dinner fixed. I don't know who was more excited to see him, me or Bam. It seems Bam suffers from separation anxiety and he would not get two feet away from me the whole time David was gone. When I'd go to the bathroom he'd sit outside the door & cry until I came out. Poor baby. We finished dinner & started watching American Idol when my friend Terri started texting me. We "talked" for a little bit about her being bored, and about the time I asked her if she wanted to come over, the doorbell rang & it was her! Let me just say that it's been a long long time since we've just hung out with her away from work. And when David & Terri get together, the alcohol always comes out. So last night it was margaritas for Terri, hurricanes for Tammy & whiskey & coke for David. Before we knew it it was already midnight & we were slightly intoxicated! But we had SO much fun laughing and cutting up & it was so relaxing. Of course, I didn't feel relaxed this morning but I guess that is the price you have to pay when you're my age & out of practice!
Today started off normal. But around 9 Eddy called. I've mentioned that my grandma is in the hospital & very sick. Eddy has asked his Sergeant if he could come home for the weekend to see her. He told Eddy he'd have to get "Red Cross Verification". Which I found out, meant that a family member has to contact the Red Cross, notify them of the situation, get them information on your soldier, and they "verify" the illness, or emergency or whatever is true. Then the R.C. contacts the commanding officer & they decide whether or not your soldier can come home. Guess what???? It was approved! And they are leaving at midnight TONIGHT to come home for 9 whole days! It ended up that they let him take some of his leave so....THANK YOU JESUS!
All day today, I thought that David had to be at work at 9. I was so tired when I got home I slipped my shoes off & tried to sneak into bed with him to take a nap. Thank goodness that woke him up, because had to be there at 7! So I fed him, gave him a quick hair cut & got him out the door. He works til 3, so I don't have to wake up & have breakfast ready for him before I go to work tomorrow.
My plans for tonight were simple. I was going to kick back in David's recliner, have the remote control all to myself & watch TV til I was ready for bed. But alas, that was not to be. I got a phone call at 8:00 from one of Big David's ex-wives (or girlfriends, or whatever she is) and she said that Big David was in the hospital! I assured her she didn't know what she was talking about, because David just left Stuttgart yesterday afternoon, and although his dad wasn't feeling great, he certainly wasn't on his deathbed. But when she said "I KNOW David & Elvis were down there yesterday, but LISTEN TO ME -he took himself to the hospital this morning & he's had a heart attack!" (Let me give you a glimpse into Tammy's brain right here)....
Elvis...Elvis?? She KNEW Elvis was with David? Oh S#*t! Then SHE'S talked to Big David since we have! Oh no! David's dad is in the hospital? Crap! I've got to call David! Wait - should I call David, or call the hospital first? Maybe she's wrong. How many days should I pack for? Will it all fit in one bag? What about work? I'll call Terri later. What about David's work? Will they let him take off? Well, it doesn't matter, it's his DAD! Bam - Boogie - WHO's going to watch the dogs? Elvis isn't here. I'll probably need to load the kennels & take them with me. Will they be ok in the parking lot at the hospital? What if someone steals them! Will David want me to pack & pick him up at his work? David....David?? Holy hell - I haven't called David!
And THAT is yet another glimpse into my head. Scary huh? Anyway, I did call David. Then I called the hospital, while David tried to call his Dad. We both confirmed that yes, he IS in the hospital. But, what happened was he took one of his friends to his doctors appointment today, and told the doctor his chest had been hurting. With his history of heart problems, his doctor admitted him & are going to run some tests tomorrow. So yes, it IS a bad thing. But, until we know more, we're just going to sit tight. And pray.
Brittni added her own little bit of chaos into our day today too! David had sent her to get her front end aligned since she's got new tires. But they came out & told her they would not align the front end unless she replaced the front & rear tie rod ends. Grand total? $768. How much did we PAY for the car? The whole car? $800! You do the math. Solution: Do NOT repair old worn out piece of crap car....look for newer old worn out car for Brittni. It's on our "to do" list.
After that phone call, I was all worked up, so I decided to clean the house again from top to bottom. My Hunter man is going to be here in just a few hours & I'm O.C.D & always want everything to be just perfect. Desiree & Eddy will be here too, and of course I'm just as excited to see them as I am the baby! ;-)
Now that I'm on the subject of Eddy, there is something big I want to post about, but, I think I may wait until I am 100% sure. I'm not intentionally leaving everyone hanging, but it is a life changing event, and it will effect everyone that knows & loves Eddy, Desiree & Hunter. So, all that being's that for a cliffhanger? me

The Random Dozen

So for the last two weeks, I've been trying to link up to The Random Dozen from Linda's blog.
And I have failed! I can't copy & paste the questions here....and don't have time to re-type all her questions, then answer them give up! Yet another failure in my never ending pursuit to understand & navigate the internet! me

Monday, May 3, 2010

My TOES are done, and other random facts.....

Hallelujah! I finally FINALLY got my toes done! This morning, David, Elvis & Boogie headed down to Big David's to check on him. Elvis said he hasn't seen David's dad since they were about 15, so of course, he was excited to go. He (Big David) called yesterday & said he hasn't been feeling very well lately. Knowing him, he's just over-done it, but David wanted to go down & make sure, and see if there was anything he could do to help. Since David has started this job at Transplace, we haven't been able to run down there every other weekend like we used to. As a matter of fact, I don't think he's been down there since February when he went & picked up Bam. Other than David trying to wake me up at 5:30 this morning to spend time with me before they left (I am NOT a morning person, remember?), and other than the UTTER CHAOS that comes along with not only me trying to get myself ready for work, but get DAVID ready to go, all in all it wasn't too bad. Notice though, that I didn't mention anything about Bam going? That's because Bam is here with me! He's laying by my feet right now, because I think he thinks I'm gonna leave him again. And I will---in the morning! Poor baby, he's not used to being left here completely alone all day. I came home at lunch & fed him & took him outside, but then had to put him right back in his kennel so I could get back to work.
Anyway, on my way home from work I stopped & finally got that pedicure I've needed. I really wanted a "french pedicure" but since I just walked in without an appointment....they didn't have time. But, my feet are pretty & smooth, so I can let my toes out without embarrassment.
Then I came home & Brittni was here. She needed new tires on her momma went with her & took care of that. Then we came home & ate leftover Mexican chicken.
After Britt left I cleaned the kitchen, finished the laundry, and I'm coloring my hair & that's about it for me. Tomorrow is another day...another LONG day. There are 8 business days left until the end of the contest, and I need $8000 more to win! Wish me luck! me

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Saturday

What a day! I woke up at 6:30 this morning, let the dogs out, drank my coffee, watched the news. Typical morning. David got home from work & I fixed him and Elvis some breakfast. Then, when David went to lay down, I decided I'd go lay down with him. You know, spend a little time with him, watch a little TV, then get back up & do laundry, that kind of thing. WRONG. I think I fell asleep before he did. And he'd just got home from a 12 hour shift! In my defense, I did end up watching a marathon of Criminal Minds last night & didn't go to sleep until about 2. Anyway, I slept until David woke up at 3 this afternoon! Crazy huh?
I called my dad & he said Grandma wasn't doing too good. They think she has congestive heart failure. So I called Brittni & invited her to go with me. I left as soon as David left for work. I had to go pick Brittni up, then we went to Flowerama & bought Grandma a flowering plant, get well balloon, and a card and headed to Fayetteville. When we got there my dad & Debbie were there, as well as my Aunt Barb. My grandma was SO surprised & so happy to see me & Brittni. She loved the flowers & everything, but her favorite thing we brought was some pictures of Hunter-man we printed out to take to her! He is her great great grandson. Grandma couldn't breathe very well, and she talked in a whisper, but she was just so glad we were there. We stayed about an hour and so did everyone else. It was just nice to sit around with family & talk & I know my grandma enjoyed it. She had stories of her own she told too! But since we all knew she needed her rest, we all headed out about 8:30 or so. Except my aunt Barb, I think she was waiting for my Aunt Bev to get there to stay with Grandma for the night.
After we left we stopped & got a pizza & took it up to David at his work. Then we came home & Brittni vacuumed, dusted, swept & mopped everything for me! I always bribe her to help me whenever I get the chance. It's win-win for both of us though, I get help cleaning the house & she gets an extra $20 or more of spending money.
Jeramiah came & picked her up just a little while ago. So....even though I still have a load of clothes in the washer & one in the dryer, I'm about to head to bed. I've got all day tomorrow to finish that! me