Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cancun - December 2011!!


Oh ya'll....I am just behind! Behind in my blogging...behind in keeping up the house...behind in Christmas...behind in work....behind in bills....behind in LIFE! Ha! All this being behind is starting to stress me out! I looked at my blog yesterday (I guess I thought it might update itself) and realized that short of some pictures of baby Davin....well, I've been a slacking!
So-as I sit here at my desk this morning, and procrastinate about getting ready for work, I decided I'll drink my coffee and smoke my cigarette & get a little bit caught up! ( I almost typed smoke my coffee & drink my cigarette - see how crazy I am?)

This past weekend was a whirlwind! David & Marshall & AJ went down to Stuttgart again to go duck hunting. Who's AJ you ask? Well, I'm so behind I haven't blogged about him yet. To make a long story short, AJ is David's almost 20 yr old son. We found out about him a couple months ago. He will turn 20 on Christmas Eve. He joined the Army & leaves for Basic Training on Jan 3rd. The day before mine & Eddy's Birthday. God just gave us a couple months to get to know this sweet young man & incorporate him into our family before he leaves to follow his dreams of being in the military. There was a lot of emotions as this all came to light for me. But never once did or do I have ANY bad feelings towards AJ. Regrets? Yes, a LOT of them. Regrets that we didn't know about him & didn't have him in our lives sooner. He's had a pretty rough life. He doesn't have anything to do with his real mom. His step dad & step dad's wife have raised him. He's had it tough. The handful of people I've told about this have all asked the same question. Are YOU ok? What are YOU going to do? Well, the answer is simple. Yes I'm ok. I'm not going to "do" anything. And it's all going to be okay. I haven't gone through all David & I have been through in our lives to let this break us. It was A LONG time ago. We've grown up ALOT. In June, we'll be married for 25 years. And finally, FINALLY, our life is good, our marriage, our relationship is GREAT! It's where I always hoped and prayed it would be. And in the end, after meeting AJ and getting to know him, I feel like it was meant to be. So, enough on that subject.

With David out of town, it was just me & Dez & the boys this weekend. Then Eddy got sick & came home from work & we pretty much spent the weekend together. It was so nice. Saturday night we all loaded up & went to my mom & sister's house in Huntsville for our Christmas together. My dad & Debbie even came & we had dinner, visited & opened presents. Mama got to meet Davin for the first time & I think she may like him just a little bit! ;-) It was SO nice. The only thing that would've made it better was if Britt & David could have been there. It's just gotten so hard anymore to be able to get EVERYONE together for the holidays. The kids have grown up & either have kids of their own, or a job or both. Eddy & Dez have 3 sets of parents to visit, not to mention all the grandparents. It's just hard.

Speaking of getting together (and hard), this year on Christmas Eve will be our first time at my Grandma Purser's house since she passed away. Bev is still having our Christmas there & nothing could keep me from going! I know it's going to be extra hard on her & my dad. But hopefully, spending Christmas surrounded by family will help make it easier!

Eddy & Dez got a house! It's a 3br/2ba trailer, and they're moving it to land out in Greenland that her dad owns. They're working on getting the pad built right now, but with the rain, it's been slow going. They're spending the nights up at our house while this is all going on, because it's too hard to stay in the camper with a two year old and a newborn in December! (And of course, I'm not complaining, getting to spend all that time with my grandsons!)

Brittni has a new beau! And we are so happy for her! His name is Rob, he has 2 jobs, his own place, his own car, his own LIFE! He is self sufficient & doesn't expect BRITTNI to take care of him. I haven't seen her this happy in YEARS!!! He's nice, sweet, he talks to us, fits in & seems to really care about our daughter! What else can a parent ask for? The first time we met him they brought us a plate of cookies they'd baked together! Then last Saturday night they snuck over here & he'd brought David & I a Christmas present that he'd picked out himself! Who knows? Maybe he is THE ONE? Maybe he's who I've prayed for for her all these years!
Also, Brittni should be starting back at the U of A after Christmas. She's spent the last six months paying them off, and should be done right after the holidays. Hopefully she'll be able to get into the classes she needs & can get back in the swing of school!

Ok....well, now I really have to get ready for work. But there's a little glimpse into my life right now. I still have to post the pictures from Cancun...I will - soon! me

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome Little Davin Cole Allen

Davin Cole Allen entered the world yesterday morning about 8:25. He weighed 7lbs, 1 oz. He is 20" long. And he is perfectly healthy, thank you Jesus! His mama is doing great too!
His birthday is just ONE DAY after our little Hunter man's! December 9, 2011.
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO MY HUNTER MAN WHO TURNED TWO YEARS OLD Thursday 12/8! We haven't got to have his birthday party yet, but we will, don't worry.
Davin is the most beautiful baby. He is just perfect! And I got to be there when he was born!
I have so much to blog about, Cancun, the baby, David is gone for the weekend to go check on his dad & get in a little duck hunting...but I'm NOT gonna get caught up on the blog tonight....because waiting for me in the living room is my Hunter man, Davin & his mommy & daddy-this computer just doesn't have that kind of pull. Til next time....(and I'll be back with pictures, I promise!).....me!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SOME of what's going on here

So things have never been so crazy in the Allen's World!!!
Thanksgiving was nice. We went to Brenda's. All I had to take were pumpkin pies! It was just us & our kids, Brenda & Ben, Dwayne & Aunt Shirley. A smallish Thanksgiving celebration - and those are the VERY BEST! The only thing was, it didn't/doesn't FEEL like the holidays to me yet. And, I was off Wed - Sun. The five days flew by so fast you can't even imagine!
We had a couple false alarms with Davin. Sat morning Eddy called & said they were on the way to the hospital & could we please come & help with Hunter. You've never seen me move SO fast! When we got there Hunter was all over the place. He wanted his mama & daddy! Eddy was back with Dez & he texted me & said it's gonna be awhile, you can take Hunter on home if ya'll want. So we did. And about 3 hours later they walked in the door. Her contractions had stopped. We had another one Sunday night, but still no baby. As of right now, she is dilated to 3 & the doctor said today that 3 or 4 good contractions and she'll be in full blown labor! The problem with that is....I leave for Cancun in 1 day & 13 hours & my fear is that she's gonna have that baby while we're gone. My BIGGEST fear is that she'll be having him as we drive to the airport!!! As excited as I am about Cancun, I am WAY more excited to meet little Davin. But cancelling or postponing the trip isn't possible. It's paid for, no insurance was purchased with it, and I can't just NOT GO. Hopefully, he'll hold off on his arrival - or show up tonight or tomorrow either way!
Well, I've got to get back to work - or at least what work I am doing today. It's kinda hard - knowing that the beaches are just hours away! Til next time....me
p.s. Expect LOTS of pictures to come!!


So I got a VERY NICE surprise at work today! This afternoon Brittni showed up at my work, and brought me these ...................

Nothing makes my day more!

Davin's Shower

The Baby Shower

The Baby Shower