Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hunterman's First Hunting Trip

Sunday, Eddy, Hunter & Davin showed up at our house.  Hunterman walked in the door, looked at David and said, "Peepaw I came over here to go hunting and shoot one of your deer!"  Now seriously, I ask you, what choice did "peepaw" have?  The three of them (Dbaby stayed with Nana) bundled up & headed up the hill to the deer blind.  David said about 20 mins in Hunter picked up this big rock. He asked him what he was doing and he said I'm gonna throw this rock at the deer & kill it! Ha! That kid cracks me up.  25 minutes in....I look out the window & Hunterman is running down the hill back to our house!  I went outside & Eddy was standing in the woods watching him as he came home. David said later that it didn't take long before he was telling him I wanna go back to Nana's & play with her!  Either way,  Hunterman went on his first hunting trip Sunday. I wanted to post this 3 generations picture of them getting ready to leave......LOVE MY BOYS!

AND........since I was on the subject of hunting....David just sent me this picture of the deer his dad killed this morning.....16 points!!!

We've got a busy weekend planned - starting with my dad's Christmas party Friday nite at my brothers house.  Saturday we're gonna help my dad with some stuff.....and we've got more work to do at the "cabin" this weekend too.  Til next

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

As you can see, we spent this Thanksgiving in Stuttgart! We left Fayetteville about noon on Wednesday. I was actually off work, but David had to work til 11.  We stopped in Clarksville at Walmart & bought groceries for the week.  We had an easy & relaxing Thanksgiving this year.  I didn't spend 2 days cooking. My work gave us a ham from Honey Baked Hams (already prepared & delicious).  I made stove top stuffing for the first time in my life (it wasn't too bad), and BOUGHT the pies.  We spent our time riding 4 wheelers, hunting & relaxing.  It was actually kinda nice!  

All I have to say is.....PRECIOUS!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Awnika Leann Allen arrived 6 weeks early!  Born November 10, 2012 She weighed 4 lbs 15 oz & is 17 3/4 inches long.  She is in NICU at Willow Creek Hospital & will have to stay there for a few weeks. She IS however, an ALLEN, and is doing very VERY well.  Mama is too!  The NICU nurse says she's the loudest one in the nursery, and will be moved from the "Inner Core" (more serious) part of the NICU to the "Outer Core" part of the NICU as soon as humanly possible! I have SO much to blog about with her early arrival, but alas I am at work & need to get busy. I just realized I hadn't made my "OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT" on my blog yet - so here it is!  We love you already Awnie!  Nana & Peepaw

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm really TRYING to get better

So I really do want to get back to blogging! If not every day, then at least one time a week. I love being able to look back at my blogs & see what was going on in our lives at the time.  One of the reasons I haven't been blogging is that since we've moved, I don't have internet at home.  I did finally step into the 21st century and get a real phone with internet - but blogging is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN using my phone! It still takes me forever to send a text! And seriously, I think my phone may be giving me carpel tunnel! Ha!

Just an update on our weekend:  We had a great one - for the most part! Friday night David & I went to the Huntsville Sr. Football game & watched our niece Kayla do her "Senior Walk".  It was really a lot of fun! We haven't been to a high school football game since Eddy played. I forgot how much I love sitting in the stands all bundled up in a sweatshirt & rooting for the team! I did my share of yelling & rooting for the boys, even though I didn't know anybody playing.  I just picked out number 44 (David's old HS number) and yelled for him.  Unfortunately they lost, and lost bad - but we still had fun!  Afterwards we went to my mom's & visited with her for a bit, then us & my sister & Bill (Kayla's dad) went to the casino!  We realized real quick that we were losing our money, so we cashed out & David & I went to the waffle house instead. It's been a while since we were out at 2 a.m.! 

David's birthday is coming up, so I got him a new trail cam.  Saturday morning we set that up, then packed up a bunch of summer stuff that needed to go to storage. After we dropped it off, we went to Golden Corral, ate, then went to a matinee & saw Lawless.  We've been wanting to see that movie for months & it didn't disappoint.

Sunday morning we got up & started working on the electric.  We did that all day long. My dad came down late Sunday afternoon and we decided to take a hike through the property so we could hang some "No Trespassing" signs - and this is where the weekend took a turn.....David & my dad were going down this HUGE bluff. I even told David "Please don't let my Dad fall.  He has bad knees and is over 60".  Guess who fell instead?  You got it - David!  And really REALLY hurt his back.  We were at the doctor & hospital all day Monday. Sunday night I tried heating up a towel in the microwave, but that didn't really help. Then I put about 10lbs of rice in a tube sock & heated it up in the microwave, but that just burned him! I did icy hot, gave him all his current pills for his back, nothing helped. So on Monday, he went to work, then to the dr, then back to work.  I bought him a heating pad, he had to get steroid & pain shots in his back, dr. told him to double up on his muscle relaxers AND his pain meds.  To sum it up:  $150  & 24+ hrs later:  Nothing broken. He has SEVERE degenerative arthritis in his back, which most likely was exacerbated by the fall.  After all that he SWEARS he'll never go to the doctor again if he hurts himself. He said he'll just lay in bed & if an ambulance has to come get him - so be it! HA!

On to other news, Brooklynn Leann is due in December!  Hopefully on the 10th! Then we can have 12/8/9/10 grand babies!  Desiree says she wishes she'd come RIGHT NOW!  They're having Hunter & Davins 1st & 3rd birthday party together on Dec. 1st.  Hopefully Brooklynn will wait & make her appearance after that.

Well, I really need to get back to work. Will try do better on this blogging thing. Til next

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

I was "David the Duckhunter" for Halloween!  They say flattery is the highest form of flattery don't they?
I won second place! $25

Friday, October 19, 2012

So many things.......

So many things have happened since I last had a chance to post anything....and I don't have long now.
But - there are a few things I want to mention so I don't forget about them, or when they happened. I like being able to use my blog as a timeline for reference....

Brittni just got back from Boston.  She's never flown before - so this was a first. They went for Rob's work. The company he works for was nice enough to fly them both out there & put them up for a week. It's an experience she'll never forget & I am so happy for her. My little girl has really grown up.

Eddy & Desiree are having............A GIRL!!!!!  At her last doctors appointment they told her if she didn't have her before then, they will induce her on Dec. 7th.  Wanna know something crazy?  Hunter was born Dec 8th, 2009,  Davin was born Dec 9th 2011 & BROOKLYNN LEANN will be born Dec 7th, 2012.
So we'll have 3 grandbabie's birthdays in a row in December, then Christmas immediately after that - wow!

We had a 70th Birthday part for Big David.  SO many people showed up! It was a lot of work, but since he'd never had a birthday party before, David wanted to make it special.

And - WE celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary June 30th.  David threw me a surprise party at Beaver Lake.  SOOOO many of our friends and family came & brought stuff & really helped David pull it off.
He took me for a boat ride, and when we got back, all our friends & family were standing on the bank cheering, and they'd hung a huge banner up that said Happy 25th Anniversary David & Tammy!  In all, I think we counted about 70 people that came! And since it was over 100 degrees that weekend, that says a lot about how many people love us!

WE just got back from Cancun!  This is the 4th year in a row that we've been able to go due to contests at my work.  We had a blast, but it was just too short this time. We didn't get there til late Thursday, and our shuttle picked us up at nine Sunday morning.  Oh well, you can't complain about a totally free trip! This year they even had a contest inside the contest where we could win "Cancun Cash"...and I qualified for a free excursion for me & David, plus won the "Excellence Club" package. It is so nice to work for a company that really appreciates you.  September 7th was my 8 year anniversary.  As hard as sales are, I wouldn't be anywhere else.

David had a heart attack on August 15th.  YES - a real, live heart attack.  He had 3 blockages, and one of them was 100%.  They put stints in. It was a real scare - and if I wasn't in such a hurry I have a whole blog post I could write on that. But - bottom line is we've changed our lives - dramatically.  Low carb diet, no beer, exercise...really trying to be health conscience. And so far, so good.  One day at a time as they say.

Alrighty then, I have to get back to work.  Just wanted to put some stuff down so I wouldn't forget.
Til next time (and hopefully it won't be months from now)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Post Below

I found this post below that I wrote over two months I read it I thought how funny it was that it seems so long ago....had to go ahead & post it so I won't forget that time in my life.  Just wanted to note that so it doesn't confuse anyone reading here now.

A Post

A few things to note: I'm pretty sure we will be moved out of our house in Centerton by next weekend. This weekend will be spent at the cabin hooking up the electric & start work on the water/well/pump. Dog pens need to be built. Current house needs to be packed. Utilities in current house will need to be notified at some point. And - I need my head to get wrapped around all of the changes. I think I may be in denial! But not in a bad way. I just feel like we are in limbo because we aren't settled in one place. On the weekends, we sorta live at the "Cabin". I'm calling it the cabin instead of the camper because it reminds me of our goal! During the week we live in this huge monster of a house - get up, go to work, come home, watch tv....I haven't been packing. I HAVE sold quite a bit of our furniture & stuff I don't want to store. But the packing - taking down all the pictures, packing up stuff I don't use on a day to day basis, I could be doing all of that at night, after work - but I'm not. I'm just floating along, like I have all the time in the world - I don't! But it will get done. It will all happen. It will all be okay!

Hunter-man & Peepaws First Fishing Trip

Still not able to blog like I want to, so many things are going on in our world, but alas, no home computer prevents me from sharing on here.  What I HAD to share, is that David took Hunter fishing for the first time last Saturday. He figured out real quick that a two year old is a handful, and maybe it's a little too soon to do any serious fishing with him. But it's the first of many I'm sure.  And I wanted to make sure I got it on here.
Til next

Friday, April 13, 2012


Will I EVER get to blog regularly again? At this point in time, I am not so sure! We are moved into the "cabin" and it's going really really good. I LOVE it there - which surprises me. I think David does too. The one down side is that we do not have internet. Our computer is actually in storage along with most of our belongings. I have SO much to blog about - so much to say. But alas, there is no time. I thought I would be able to keep up by blogging on my lunch hour, but one thing I am finding is that if I am sitting at my desk during lunch, then I am working - so that's out. I don't know when I'll get back to it, but hopefully I will. I just wanted to check in here & let anybody who cares know - I'm still here - we're still alive. Til next time (whenever that may be)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Beautiful Flowers from My Beautiful Daughter!

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday! Half way thru the work week - hallelujah! Work has been a nightmare this week - at least so far. Monday was good! I got FOUR checks in the over nights for Walmart events. That put me at five for the week. Since last week we have a new rule that unless you get 3 sales for the week, you can't wear jeans.....well....that's a big deal! And five insures I'll be wearing jeans next week! But yesterday - yesterday was awful. I had a complaint from Home Office on one of my events in San Diego. And I spent the ENTIRE day trying to fix it. When I left last night, I felt like I had done my best & had it under control. But today I have to go in & put together an email for the property owner & submit my dealers permits. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!
So on my last post you saw that we were working on some property. It is out in Weddington Woods by my dad's. We spent the entire weekend out there. Needless to say, nothing got done at the house. So....I'm behind yet again on laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. But I won't be worrying about all that much longer. By March 15 we should be moved out there. Into our camper. I feel like I'll be able to stay on top of the cleaning & stuff in such a small space! We're going back down this weekend to work on it some more, and move some stuff down there. Honestly, I'm excited about all this. It is going to be an adjustment, but an adjustment that will be worth it in the long run. We're going to spend about six months catching up on stuff. Stuff we've got behind on because I wanted to live in this great big house & try to "keep up with the Jone's". I've finally came to the point in my life that I realize, I don't CARE about the Jone's. My heart belongs to Jesus, to David, and to my family. NOT the almighty dollar. A couple years ago Brittni gave me a book for Christmas called "Simplifying Your Life". I read it when I first got it, but my heart wasn't listening to it. I read it because it was a gift from my daughter, and I felt like I had to. But I found that book again about a month ago. David had already been talking to me about the fact that we couldn't keep doing all this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result. Well, every month we do the same what HAS to be paid, do what we can, rob Peter to pay get the picture. The stress it has put on both of us is indescribable! We both work our asses of every day. And for what? Another 30 days in this house that won't be paid off until David is 72? We decided we don't want to work that long. And we don't like living in a subdivision. We don't even like living in town!'s back to the basics for us. Simplify, simplify, simplify. In about six months we're going to pour the slab for our new dream! A small cabin in the woods. Something that fits US! Something that with a lot of hard work, a lot of heart, a lot of determination, will change our lives....for the better! And yes, I'm looking forward to it. A special thanks goes out to my dad, for giving us this opportunity to change our life. To get off the fast track, to redefine who we are & what's important to us. Til next