Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Obviously I have been SO busy I haven't been blogging lately. So I haven't documented how VERY excited David & I are that 24 hours from now...we will be in BEAUTIFUL MEXICO!
Lunch today was spent at "The Shoe Dept" for our last minute decision that we both probably needed to wear tennis shoes for all the walking/running that will happen tomorrow between the airport & resort etc. With that done, all that is left is tiny last minute things that can't be done until after we both get ready at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow! Brittni & Jeramiah are coming tonight & will be house/dog sitting for us while we are away. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!! We couldn't go without you being here to take care of everything. Anyway, I have GOT to try get some work the next time you'll be hearing from me will be AFTER we get back! me

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Thoughts

I think quite possibly I am losing my mind -or at least what is left of it. Things have been so crazy around here lately and I am not handling it very well. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I have this tendency to obsess about how overwhelmed I am. Every little thing is a BIG thing. Take today for instance - Got up, went to work, started working furiously trying to make some sales & wrap up a big off-site sale for a tractor dealer in Billings, MT. (I should note that I've been trying to wrap this event up for at least 3 weeks...I'm supposed to have the signed agreement & money in-house 30 days before the event is scheduled to take place). The event is NEXT THURSDAY! Still working on it. Then, before I knew it it was time for lunch. As I'm walking out of the office my head is doing this: "OK, clock out - get in truck - drive home - call Brittni on way home since I couldn't talk when she called earlier - hurry home - smoke on way home while I'm talking to Brittni cuz when I get home I have so much to do in the 45 min I'm there I won't have time & will be having a nicotine fit. Pull in driveway, jump out of truck, leave phone in truck so I don't have to answer/talk while I'm on lunch cuz there is so little time. Go in house, take dogs outside & put them on their chains, make me & David a glass of tea, take laundry out of washer and go hang up David's work shirts in spare bedroom to dry, go put another load of clothes in washer, go back to kitchen & fix us both a sandwich, eat - actually "scarf down" said sandwich while David shows me pictures on google map of the resort we'll be at next week, then go back outside & let the dogs in, feed the dogs, water the dogs, go back to laundry room & add bleach to washer, put the dogs back in the bedroom with David, kiss David goodbye, run back out to the truck jump in, head to work, remember that I have to go by the ATM & get some cash, pull out of the bank, almost rear end a car, cell phone rings, try to answer it, drop it in the floor board, almost rear end ANOTHER car trying to get phone, then spend the rest of the drive back to work trying to call Eddy back because evidently we're trying to call each other at the same time & both keep getting voice mail. FINALLY get ahold of Eddy & end up feeling like a horrible mom because I've been so busy that he thinks I'm mad at them because I've not been talking to him & Dez several times a day. And they are both homesick & don't understand why David & I or Brittni & I can't just hop in the truck & head out on a 5 1/2 hour road trip to Kansas this weekend to visit them. So I feel even MORE stressed by the time I get off the phone with my son.
But - back to the "every little thing turns into a big thing" ...I don't know how to just STOP. I realize that EVERY day is a gift from God. That there should be beauty in every little thing. That I need to 'stop & smell the roses'. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My HEART gets it, but my HEAD won't cooperate. I just feel like there is more to BE done than I can GET done. That there needs to be at least TWO of me & even then it'd be crazy. That I am letting life take control of me and because of that LIFE is passing me by.
I have a very good friend that has told me on numerous occasions that blogging can be quite therapeutic. That it is okay every once in a while to just sit down at the computer & pour all of my frustrations out in my blog. I don't like to do that though. Instead I like to write about my life & all that is or isn't going on in it. I like to be upbeat & positive. But today, today I am taking her advice. Hence the outrageously long rant above. We'll see if it helped me let go a little. I think I may need an intervention or

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Too Busy to Blog

Still meeting myself coming & going. I'm not sure where the time goes. Maybe it is just me & I don't spend my time wisely, but lately, there are just not enough hours in the day. I feel so overwhelmed - by everything. Work, home, planning for the trip, taxes, kids & everything going on there. My one constant of course is David. He is my rock. And sometimes, I have to remind him that if he'll just gently tell me..."it's all going to be okay", I will be okay.
David....this is your "reminder" me

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 77th Birthday Grandma!

Today is my grandma's 77th birthday. Brit & I headed down to Fayetteville as soon as David left for work. We stopped & got her a beautiful card & a nice new plant (another one that my poor Aunt Bev will have to take care of)...We got there just in time for birthday cake. It's funny, my grandma is diabetic, and she used to wouldn't eat anything off her diet. She suddenly LOVES cookies from Subway, pie, and birthday cake. Me & Brittni joke that "she's just not diabetic anymore!" Like my dad & I both say, if we were in her shoes, we'd eat WHATEVER we wanted! Anyway, it was a nice time looking through old photos, her telling stories about when I was little...I didn't do much to help out tonite, just a sink full of dishes, but we did get to visit. And time with her is so precious, now more than ever.

Our trip to Mexico is fast approaching! We leave 2 weeks from tomorrow! Am I ready? Nope. But would I leave in the morning if I could? You bet! I have a least been tanning up at the clubhouse and am getting a little color. David took me Monday night & I bought dresses for dinner each night. I honestly think I've got everything we need....except a couple pair of shorts for me & a few tank tops for David. And of course all the last minute stuff I'll think of.

Brittni & Jeremiah are going to house/dog sit for us while we're gone. And...speaking of dogs...Boogie is NOT having puppies!! WHOO HOO! Dr. Halbert called today with the test results! I think it was worth the $100 for the test, just to see the relief on David's face. I mean really....who would want 1/2 registered lab & 1/2 red heeler puppies?? NOT ME, no matter how cute they were.

Of course I'm missing my Hunter-man! What makes it worse is that Des' mom Kim is heading up there tomorrow to see them. That woman is driving for 5 1/2 hours, to babysit Hunter for 2 hours while Eddy & Dez go do some mandatory Army thing tomorrow night! But I'm glad she is going. I know Dez misses her terribly, and both the kids are really homesick, so this will be nice for all of them. I just wish I had it on my schedule to go see them soon. But with the tax stuff I am STILL working on, Grandma being sick, David working nights & Mexico on the horizon...not to mention the's just not to be right now.

Well, that's about all I've got for now... again, there is SO much going on, so much I could write about, so much I want to say....but alas, midnight is fast approaching, & I've gotta go to work tomorrow! me

Friday, June 4, 2010

I AM still alive....

For those of you wondering....YES, I am still alive! But just barely. I am in the midst of a crisis here at home, and haven't had ANY time for blogging. I am getting paperwork ready for our new tax guy. And I have LOTS of paperwork. LOTS of sorting to do. LOTS of phone calls to the banks, creditors, etc. And I AM going C.R.A.Z.Y. Brittni & I worked on sorting papers last night until I had to take her home around 11. Then I came home & worked on them until about 3 or 4 a.m. Slept a few hours, got back up & started again around 9 this morning. Was crossed-eyed by 7pm when I had to wake David up. But....I'm getting there.
The only reason I'm even up & writing this right now is that Eddy called & needed me to look up phone numbers for wreckers in Manhattan, because he took Des & Hunter-man fishing at the lake, and they got their truck stuck in the sand. I'm waiting for them to call me back & tell me someone is coming to get them out! And I'm praying too. Cuz I'd hate for them to have to spend the night there in the truck with the baby! Crazy kids! It sounds just like something that would have happened to me & David when we were their age! (and it probably did).
The kids were here last weekend. Hunter-man is growing SO fast. Still no word on when they'll be releasing Eddy & sending him back home. I can't wait for them to get back here for good. Patience has never been one of my strong qualities.
Brittni is doing great. I've actually got to spend a lot of time with her lately. Between us going to see Grandma together and her helping me with the house &'s almost like old times. (Except for the fact that she goes HOME at night - instead of just down the hall). I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Well, I was going to do a long post...try to catch up on everything, however, Des just called & said some guys pulled them out! Thank God. Now, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day! me