Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SOME of what's going on here

So things have never been so crazy in the Allen's World!!!
Thanksgiving was nice. We went to Brenda's. All I had to take were pumpkin pies! It was just us & our kids, Brenda & Ben, Dwayne & Aunt Shirley. A smallish Thanksgiving celebration - and those are the VERY BEST! The only thing was, it didn't/doesn't FEEL like the holidays to me yet. And, I was off Wed - Sun. The five days flew by so fast you can't even imagine!
We had a couple false alarms with Davin. Sat morning Eddy called & said they were on the way to the hospital & could we please come & help with Hunter. You've never seen me move SO fast! When we got there Hunter was all over the place. He wanted his mama & daddy! Eddy was back with Dez & he texted me & said it's gonna be awhile, you can take Hunter on home if ya'll want. So we did. And about 3 hours later they walked in the door. Her contractions had stopped. We had another one Sunday night, but still no baby. As of right now, she is dilated to 3 & the doctor said today that 3 or 4 good contractions and she'll be in full blown labor! The problem with that is....I leave for Cancun in 1 day & 13 hours & my fear is that she's gonna have that baby while we're gone. My BIGGEST fear is that she'll be having him as we drive to the airport!!! As excited as I am about Cancun, I am WAY more excited to meet little Davin. But cancelling or postponing the trip isn't possible. It's paid for, no insurance was purchased with it, and I can't just NOT GO. Hopefully, he'll hold off on his arrival - or show up tonight or tomorrow either way!
Well, I've got to get back to work - or at least what work I am doing today. It's kinda hard - knowing that the beaches are just hours away! Til next time....me
p.s. Expect LOTS of pictures to come!!


So I got a VERY NICE surprise at work today! This afternoon Brittni showed up at my work, and brought me these ...................

Nothing makes my day more!

Davin's Shower

The Baby Shower

The Baby Shower

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's almost here.......and you can just FEEL it at my house!

This weekend is opening day of duck season - and here at my house, that means CHAOS! Controlled chaos, of course, but chaos just the same. We've been getting David packed and ready since - oh, I don't know, end of season last year! HA! Not really, but seriously, we've been in "gathering mode" since Monday night. One would think that a man can't possibly need that much STUFF just to spend a couple nights out on a sand bar on the Arkansas river, but yes he can - oh yes he can! Marshall & Colby (and Madison-but she doesn't count as a duck man) came by last night just to go over their "final" plans. Speaking of plans, I also failed to mention that last weekend my son typed up a hard copy of all their necessities. I'm not kidding you, he had it typed up & even put it in one of those book report type clear sleeves to protect it! My boys are mighty serious when it comes to their duck hunting! I told David yesterday morning that there isn't enough money in the world that would get me to spend two nights in November out on an island in a tent on the Arkansas River. There's not enough ducks in the world to get me to do that either!
But with all the duck camp planning, the shower planning, David's Birthday last Sunday (Oh yeah, Happy Happy 43rd Birthday baby!)...well, it's been a little crazy around here.
Top that off with Thanksgiving coming up, which I believe at this point I've convinced David we need to stay here in NWA & NOT go to Stuttgart for - and with Cancun exactly TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY - and lots of time with my kids & Hunter man, well, it's just been overwhelming!
But that's life! OUR LIFE! And friends let me tell you, honestly, our life is real good!
Til next time.....me

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A List

Well hello there blog - it's been a little while, hasn't it? There are a few things going on here in our world that I'm not exactly ready to write about, but that shouldn't keep me from blogging...and since I'm about 5 minutes away from time to get ready for work, this will be short. How about a short little list?
1)Brittni is out of town for a couple of days having some girl time with a friend.
2)Hunter is getting so big & cute I almost can't stand it.
3)Opening day of Duck season is less than two weeks away & DAVID almost can't stand it.
4)I'm planning a small-ish baby shower for Desiree & Davin Cole on opening day of duck season (see how I planned that one?)
5)Thanksgiving is 2 1/2 weeks away & I don't even know where we are gonna be for that.
6)Cancun is 22 days away!
7)Christmas is sneaking up on me again
8)Eddy goes to days starting next Monday
9)Davin is almost here
10)I may be going crazy - seriously!

Ok, that's it for now....til next time - me