Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Post Below

I found this post below that I wrote over two months I read it I thought how funny it was that it seems so long ago....had to go ahead & post it so I won't forget that time in my life.  Just wanted to note that so it doesn't confuse anyone reading here now.

A Post

A few things to note: I'm pretty sure we will be moved out of our house in Centerton by next weekend. This weekend will be spent at the cabin hooking up the electric & start work on the water/well/pump. Dog pens need to be built. Current house needs to be packed. Utilities in current house will need to be notified at some point. And - I need my head to get wrapped around all of the changes. I think I may be in denial! But not in a bad way. I just feel like we are in limbo because we aren't settled in one place. On the weekends, we sorta live at the "Cabin". I'm calling it the cabin instead of the camper because it reminds me of our goal! During the week we live in this huge monster of a house - get up, go to work, come home, watch tv....I haven't been packing. I HAVE sold quite a bit of our furniture & stuff I don't want to store. But the packing - taking down all the pictures, packing up stuff I don't use on a day to day basis, I could be doing all of that at night, after work - but I'm not. I'm just floating along, like I have all the time in the world - I don't! But it will get done. It will all happen. It will all be okay!

Hunter-man & Peepaws First Fishing Trip

Still not able to blog like I want to, so many things are going on in our world, but alas, no home computer prevents me from sharing on here.  What I HAD to share, is that David took Hunter fishing for the first time last Saturday. He figured out real quick that a two year old is a handful, and maybe it's a little too soon to do any serious fishing with him. But it's the first of many I'm sure.  And I wanted to make sure I got it on here.
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