Friday, March 25, 2011

My Boys.......

Again....not great pictures. But I found them on my phone. Look how big Hunter is getting! And poor Eddy. This was NOT a good day for him.

"Dapa" and Hunter man!

Ok, so I know this isn't the best picture in the world, but it's all I have right now. This was at the hospital a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure that Hunter man thinks his "Dapa" hung the moon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She said "yes"......

She said "Yes"!!!

Emergency Surgery, A Proposal & A Wedding

Hey there blog - I bet you thought I've forgotten you! Not true. Life has once again gotten in the way. There's so much to say (and just a little time since I'm posting from work).
Eddy had to have emergency surgery and have his appendix removed. It was very scary, he's never had surgery before. And if you remember, we weren't on the best terms when it all happened. Desiree actually showed up at David's work Thurs night at about midnight on the 3rd of this month. She said Eddy was in the hospital! David called & woke me up & scared me to death! Brittni & I met David at the hospital, and the next couple days were spent running back & forth. I actually spent Friday night with him by myself since Hunter man got kicked out of there.
Speaking of that precious baby...HE IS WALKING! And I was so afraid he had forgotten me, but when Des brought him in the hospital room, he looked around at everybody, locked eyes with me, smiled the biggest smile & WALKED OVER TO ME & INTO MY ARMS! I couldn't help but cry! That night he got to see his Dapa (which is what he had started calling David). Again, that little boy hadn't forgotten those he loves & who loves him. Long story short, Eddy is fine. It could have killed him if they hadn't removed his appendix, and I won't even go into what that would have done to me. But we are talking again which is wonderful. I just have to learn to let go & let God. And let my children live their lives & be adults.
Next....Jeramiah asked David "for Brittni's hand". And, he did it in front of me. David pulled a James Stewart on him, asked him if he loved her, if he liked her, if he would take care of her. And of course, before he gave his permission, he told him if he ever laid a hand on her or hurt her, he would have to answer to him!
Now - now ....we have a wedding to plan. Brittni & I spent last Sunday afternoon at David's Bridal, and she found THE DRESS! I have tons of pictures on my phone, but I think I want to wait for the real pictures from the wedding. We finally got the place locked down, it's at West Ridge Baptist Church in Fayetteville. The same pastor that married David & I, Brenda & Ben, and Eddy & Desiree has said he'd be honored to marry my daughter. That's a big deal to me. Plus, she's getting married in the church where David & I attended when we were teenagers! With the help of her Nee Nee Brenda, her Aunt Tina...well, lots of her family, it's going to be BEAUTIFUL! And although we don't have a lot of money, I think between us all, we can pull off her princess wedding she's always dreamed of!
Work is still the same, chaos. Every day. I'm just trying to hang in there. And I couldn't without David's love & support. He lets me vent & worry to him, and listens & offers encouragement that makes it bearable. This too shall pass...this too shall pass....
Til next time - me

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet The Pros

So I totally forgot to blog about going to Meet The Pro's Monday night! It's a banquet that's put on by First Baptist Church in Bentonville. The FLW tour started here yesterday, but before the tournament starts there's practice & a lot of venues that the professional fisherman do.
In the past MTP's night has been for "men & boys only" but this year, our invitation said bring the whole family. So David & I picked up our tickets at Hook Line & Sinker Monday at lunch.
I was so excited to finally see what all the fuss was about. The main hook is that at the end of it, they give away a brand new bassboat! Needless to say, we didn't win the bassboat, or that would've been the title to this post-ha! But we did have a great time, got a lot of fun stuff from the vendors (like fishing lures stuff), and's time to get the bass boat ready for summer! Til next

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Much Here

I haven't blogged in a while, because well, there's just not much to blog about. We've fallen into our routine here at home. The weather has been just beautiful, so on the nights David doesn't have to go to work, we've ate dinner then taken the dogs out & walked around our neighborhood. I learned something too...that if I just take the time to change into my Nike tennis shoes, me knees don't hurt me nearly so bad. You'd think that would be common sense, but hey, what can I say? I really enjoy it too. It gets us out of the house & gets us and Boogie and Bam some much needed exercise.
I've gotten hooked on American Idol again this year. David is so sweet to watch it with me. I don't think he cares at all about it, but he suffers through it for me.
Work is about the same. They haven't let anyone else go in the past couple of weeks, which is good. I'm just not sure what we're going to sell though, once April comes, and we finish off what we are doing now. My game plan is to just sell as much as I can between now & then, try to catch up on what we can, then we'll see what happens. Whatever God brings us to...he will bring us through (or something like that!)
Well, I've gotta head off to work. I do have something else to blog about...but I think I'll save that until I can post a picture with it - so....til next