Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Been A Long Week

It's been a long day/week. I miss David tonight. Work has been HELL. I had some problems with this new thing we've been selling on Friday. Big problems. Got the company in trouble with the new account. Got myself in trouble. I can say in all honesty it wasn't my fault. Too many people are working on this thing. We're all doing what we're told to do. But it changes, every every hour. Sometimes more. I was SO glad it was Friday and I have the weekend to re-group, re-charge.
Last night my friend Sherry came over. And we stayed up until 4:30 this morning talking. About everything. Her boyfriend troubles, my troubles, our work troubles. It was nice. Just to hang out & vent. And solve the world's problems. Even Brittni got in on it for an hour or two.
Speaking of Brittni, she did the sweetest thing last night. She brought me flowers. Just because. Just because she knows I'm having a tough time right now. Just because she loves me no matter what. It was really really nice.
Since I went to bed so late, or early...I slept all day with David. Until I remembered if I didn't get up & go to the grocery store before he left for work, I wouldn't be able to. My original plan for tonight was to run to the store & pick up a few groceries, go out & visit my grandma & Aunt Bev for awhile, then stop back by Walmart to pick up a few things & buy a couple pairs of jeans. However, in all my planning, I seemed to have forgotten that we only have one running vehicle. (We gave Brittni the Mitsubishi - David said it'd be cheaper on us in the long run, just to give it to her & let her insure & tag it). And, I don't want to take off in the blazer, it break down, and me have no one to come get me. So I made a mad dash to the grocery store & spent way too much money as usual. I also dropped the entire carton of eggs in the driveway, broke all but one, and now need to go back & get more eggs!
After David left tonight I got to feeling pretty down & sorry for myself, so to beat that, I decided to take it out on the house. All the laundry is done & put up. Carpets are all vacuumed. I even tackled Hunter's room (my spare room) and got it all cleaned up & back to normal. I won't lie & say that didn't about do me in, but it's done, and I'm still alive. David called earlier to check on me, and just made me remember how much I hate that he works nights - especially on the weekends. The up side is that this is his "Friday", it's his last night, so we have all day tomorrow together. We need to find something to go do to get us out of this house for awhile. It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow, so who knows, maybe we'll get the bass boat out & go to the lake.
Anyway, it's late, I'm tired and ready for bed. So...til next time - me

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sky is Falling

Or at least my sky is falling. Where do I begin? Maybe I should just start with what's on my heart & go from there. We had a "falling out" with the kids. The oldest. It was coming. It had been coming for a while. The phrase "you pay for your raising" has never hit home harder. I look back now on all the things I put my parents through, and all the things David put his parents through, what we both put them through and am SO sorry, and I long to be able to go back & "undo" so many things from our past. As usual, I don't want to go into any great detail here, I am a fairly private person when it comes to my little family. I do however want to say that I'm angry, and more important, my heart hurts right now. I miss Hunter already, and know that only time will help this heal. This, like everything, I must "Give to God". I struggle with that, always. I love my children more than words can say, too much really. I don't want them to struggle or have it hard. I want to help them, and I can't anymore. Not financially, and apparently, not emotionally. I have to let them grow up. On their own. I have to let them live their life. I just wish it was easier.

Number Two on my heart right work. And my friends there. Two weeks ago we found out that we lost our biggest account. It's a Big deal. VERY big deal. There was no warning, no one saw it coming, it just happened.
Within an hour of finding out, there was a round of "lay-offs". My very good friend "A", who started a few months after me, was the first to be let go. She had been there over six years! She is a single mom, worked full time, is going to school, and had just bought a brand new car! My dear friend daughter "T" was let go. She started working with her mom & me a while ago & is such a sweet & precious young lady. She has a heart of gold & will be greatly missed. Another young lady had just had her first baby girl. That's just to name a few, and there were many more. Yesterday, the lay-offs hit the sales team. There were a total of 14 sales people. The original list was to cut 6, but as of this moment, 3 are gone. Without warning. Quickly, quietly, it was over. There will be more I'm sure. Don't get me wrong. I am good at what I do. VERY good. And as long as they can give me something to sell, I can sell it. Still my heart hearts for those that lost their jobs, and for those thay may still.

And lastly, I am thankful. I am thankful for my friends & family, that's helping me get through this season in my life. But my real rock, my lifeline in all this is my husband. I am especially thankful for David. I am thankful that he knows me inside & out. He knows when I need to vent, to cry, to be afraid, or to avoid the topics all together, if just for a little while. I am thankful his shoulders are so big & strong, and that he can carry the weight of his world on them, and then mine too. We are in this together, and I know as long as I don't have to walk this walk alone, I can get through

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So I took LOTS of pictures with my camera this morning and will have to download them to the computer & post some here. But this we took with David's phone. It doesn't do justice to what is outside my house right now! Record breaking snowfall! 24-26 or more inches!!!! Right here in NWA! My office closed today and has already closed for tomorrow. At 6 a.m. tomorrow it is supposed to be -7 degrees! YES I SAID MINUS SEVEN!!! (Not sure why I'm yelling, probably for effect - ha!)
We got up at 6 this a.m. & turned on the news, everything was closing. XNA (our airport), all the major schools including the UofA. Got an email from work saying to wait & come in at 10 unless you could get there earlier. Well, there is almost nothing David likes more than to bundle up & get out on the snow and drive. Especially in the new(new to us) Mitsubishi. So it was off to work we went. By the time we got to the gas station my work had closed. So we ran to the grocery store & came home. I took pictures the whole way. It's hard to describe. The snow was up to the tops of the mailboxes in our neighborhood. The snow on the road was up above our front bumper! The Corolla in our driveway? You can't even find it! And I have to admit it-it was kinda fun getting out & seeing the neighborhood like this! I've been working from home most of the day. David's work called & they are transferring the phones to him tonight so he doesn't have to go in. JJ's work shut down. Eddy however, HAS to be at work tonight at 5. And he's on call right now. Oh, and get this: For the first time e.v.e.r.....Walmart Home Office is closed! That's how serious it is here. I told David I hoped this wasn't the beginning of the Apocalypse!
We hadn't been home long when Eddy called-and guess what? They lost electricity! That is not good. They have no way to heat their apartment and keep little Hunter man warm. So yes....they bundled him up & came to mama's house! I was so anxious & worried waiting on them to get here, but when I told David, do you know what he said? "I'm not worried at all. They will make it. That's MY boy you're talking about & he'll get here fine!" Sure enough, 2 hours later (It usually takes 15 min)...they were here safe.
I've got some things to blog about coming up, but am not ready to put into words for now, I better get back to work! me

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boogie's Longest Retreive EVER!!!!

Ice & Snow in NWA

It is COLD here in NWA! We had a huge storm come in through here Monday night & Tuesday. It dropped ice first, then about 8" of snow!! My office was even closed on Tuesday, and that NEVER happens. Yesterday we opened at 10 and David drove me in. We close at 3 on snow days, so I didn't get as much work done as I would've liked. Today, I go in at 10 again. David is on his way home from work, so I am up & ready to go so he can drop me off & come home & sleep. I may just stay til 5 today so he can actually get some rest.
One great thing about all this is that the kids came up here to stay in case their electricity went off. We have a gas fireplace, so we knew even if we lost electricity we could keep little Hunter man warm & toasty.
It got down to minus 5 here last night. But it is warming up now, it's up to ZERO - ha! I am bundled up let me tell you.
I started those crazy steroid antibiotics Monday. The good thing is my ears and throat don't hurt anymore. The bad thing? My ears are STILL ringing! It's been 2 WEEKS of that now, and it's about to drive me crazy. But I will prevail, as always.
That's about all I've got this's way too early to do any deep reflecting or anything like that. See you soon