Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duck Season 2010

First weekend of Duck Season in Stuttgart Arkansas. Pictured are my wonderful duck crazy husband, my son (that my husband has MADE duck crazy), his childhood friend Brian, and of course, the "stars of the show" Boggie and Bam! I love you guys & miss you bunches...me

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let "Duck Season 2010" begin....

The first week of duck season is upon us & the men in my family are all in Stuttgart. They have been texting me pictures of them all camo'd out & I'll have to post some pics real soon.
My mom came up Saturday afternoon with my 2 nieces & spent the night & most of Sunday with me. We had SUCH a good time just talking & catching up. We talk on the phone a few times a week, but there is nothing better than waking up at 5:30 in the morning & having coffee with my mama & just spending some quiet time with her. We took the girls to the Bentonville Square Sat. night to see the Christmas lights & the ice skating rink. We'd hoped the girls would skate, but it was very crowded & they were not about to get on the ice. So we just walked around the square. When we got home I had to get David, Boogie & Bam packed & the truck loaded. I couldn't have got it all done without Kayla & Cara! Dez & Hunter came up on Sunday morning & they are staying with me until the boys get back. So last night we packed Hunter up & went shopping for awhile, then got pizza from Little Ceasar's & came home. Oh, I bought Hunter the cutest little stuffed Dr. Seuss thing. It's bright pink & orange & he LOVES to give it kisses & bite it's nose! Dez said Eddy is going to kill me for buying him a pink stuffed animal. What's worse is that I keep calling it his "baby doll" ha! That's what grandma's are for, don't you think. Anyway, I worked from 8 this morning til 7 tonight. I am 3 sales away from DOUBLING my goal in the next contest. I've gotta work tomorrow then I am off for 5 whole days! But still, I'm beat and going to bed. Til next time....me

Monday, November 15, 2010

To My Followers:

A couple years ago when I started blogging I remember thinking how cool it would be if I ended up with thousands of followers that would expect me to blog every single day. These followers would just be waiting for my next post to see what was going on in "The Allen's World". My posts would be warm, funny, charming - that was all in my head you see. Fast forward two years later, to a time where my life is wonderful, full, and holds zero extra time for blogging! Boy am I glad all those followers never made it - ha! Anyhoo, on to the real world.
We had a busy weekend. Eddy is back on the night shift at JB Hunt, and he works the same days as David, so that means a lot of extra time with Dez & Hunter which I love.
Saturday was David's 42nd birthday! Happy Birthday Baby! I love you SO much. Sorry you had to work all night on your special day, so there was no festivities! I did however come thru big time with the birthday gift. He LOVED it! I got him a big camo winter coat & a camo hoodie. (Never mind that he actually picked it out himself & all I had to do was order it off the internet - those are the best kind of gifts, one that you actually want!)
Dez & I loaded Hunter up & went & saw my grandma & aunt Bev. I think they both really enjoyed seeing Hunter man & couldn't believe how much he's grown since the last time we brought him.
Yesterday after David got home he & a friend from work went down to his mom's hunting. So I had the whole day to myself. Guess what I did? Clean house, of course! But I also put a roast in the crock pot & watched a couple movies. It was a nice quiet day.
This morning David was up at 3:30, him & the same friend are off to chase the deer again this morning. I spent my morning on the phone with Dell trying to figure out how to download my Norton Antivirus I purchased a whole month ago. While I was on hold (for 25 minutes) I figured it out myself, hung up on the guy...and he called me back! I spent another 10 minutes explaining to him that I actually read the email they sent, followed the directions, and no longer needed his assistance!
Now, it's time to fire up the flat iron, get to work on my hair, get ready & let Brittni & JJ take me to work. We're in the midst of yet another contest and I am KICKING SOME BUTT! I think I only have 3 or 4 more sales to go. Considering that the person closest behind me is 11 sales away, I'm doing alright this time around. But to be fair, I'm working California, and they LOVE them some Sam's Club out in Cali! Til next time.....me

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunter's Hospital Visit

Again there is SO much going on I've had ZERO time to blog. But I wanted to put these pictures on here so I have them. Hunter got tubes in his ears yesterday. I met Dez at Springdale Hospital at 5:45 a.m. & we were out of there by 8:30! Amazing. They didn't even stick him with a needle or put in an I.V. And we can already tell it has made a difference....me

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hunter's First Halloween

I'm at work & in a hurry but I just HAD to post pictures of my little monkey! This was his very first Halloween & I believe he was the cutest trick or treater or all time! Grandpa & I got him a great big Halloween bag & filled it up with toys, suckers, bubbles, stickers, a Halloween shirt & anything else I could find since he really couldn't eat much candy yet. Des, Brittni, Hunter & I went to Pinnacle on Sunday & walked around with him & got to see all the little kids dressed up. It was awesome. There's much more to post about & say...but I gotta get back to work. I just didn't want to forget to show off the grand baby! me