Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hunterman's First Hunting Trip

Sunday, Eddy, Hunter & Davin showed up at our house.  Hunterman walked in the door, looked at David and said, "Peepaw I came over here to go hunting and shoot one of your deer!"  Now seriously, I ask you, what choice did "peepaw" have?  The three of them (Dbaby stayed with Nana) bundled up & headed up the hill to the deer blind.  David said about 20 mins in Hunter picked up this big rock. He asked him what he was doing and he said I'm gonna throw this rock at the deer & kill it! Ha! That kid cracks me up.  25 minutes in....I look out the window & Hunterman is running down the hill back to our house!  I went outside & Eddy was standing in the woods watching him as he came home. David said later that it didn't take long before he was telling him I wanna go back to Nana's & play with her!  Either way,  Hunterman went on his first hunting trip Sunday. I wanted to post this 3 generations picture of them getting ready to leave......LOVE MY BOYS!

AND........since I was on the subject of hunting....David just sent me this picture of the deer his dad killed this morning.....16 points!!!

We've got a busy weekend planned - starting with my dad's Christmas party Friday nite at my brothers house.  Saturday we're gonna help my dad with some stuff.....and we've got more work to do at the "cabin" this weekend too.  Til next