Friday, June 14, 2013

Random Update

LOTS going on lately...Will never get it all I'll just do what's either most important - or on my mind ha!

Awni - her appointment at Children's went good.  They say her biggest problem in ACID REFLUX! Now that doesn't sound too bad, and they are putting her on meds and told Des to slowly start weaning her off the thickening stuff she's had to put in her bottle.  But I have acid reflux & my dad has it too - and it's no fun. Quite painful,.  Laying down is super hard if you're experiencing it.  My dr. told me some of the ways to help it are: Cut out all acidic foods, no fried foods or ketchup, don't drink, quit smoking, cut out all stress, don't eat past a certain time...all things that I do on a daily basis.  (Not that Awni drinks or smokes...but you get the picture lol).
Her appointment with the developmental specialist isn't until July 15th. That's the appointment about the Cerebral Palsy. She is also getting tubes in her ears next Thurs.  They are doing it at the hospital because the anesthesiologist refused to sedate her unless she was actually at the hospital. Evidently with her lung problems, that is much safer. I'm good with that.

Davin is growing like a weed. I bet he weighs more than Hunter. And he is just so stinking cute. He's happy most of the time. And he LOVES his Peepaw! And Hunter-man - he is a MESS! He's so sweet & funny. He will actually call me now & say Nana, can you come pick me up & take me to YOUR house? Now who can resist that?

We are down to 5 puppies at home now.  On Saturday Mel came and took his "pick of the litter". Of course it was the only girl.  I knew he would, but it was A LOT harder than I expected. One thing I've learned abour raising a litter of puppies is don't play with or pay special attention to the one you think you want! We over-socialized her and of course when they were deciding she was the perfect one!  Then of course Sam & Catherine took "Lacs", and Marshall & Billie & their kids came & picked out their puppy "Brick". Then Clint & Kimbra came & picked out & took home "Cash". I am so glad we've decided not to ever do this again. They are all just so cute & sweet & I would keep every single one of them if I could!

Tonite David & Dwayne are heading down to Big David's, and they will be taking "Lucky" to him. We stopped by Halberts yesterday & got the rest of the shots & meds that he'll need to give him in the next few weeks.
I am going to have the ENTIRE weekend to myself.  I have BIG plans, let me tell you!  I have about 3 weeks of laundry I'll be taking to the laundromat to do! And after our busy weekend last week, I have a ton of cleaning & organizing I'll be doing as well. Plus I will have 4 puppies and Bam & Ladybug to keep me company (and take care of). David was worried that I wouldn't want him to go, but honestly, it's Father's Day on Sunday - and his dad IS going to be 71 this year.  I think he should spend as much time with him as he can. And since Dwayne was going already, he can just catch a ride & it not cost us the usual $200+. Plus, I'm kind of looking forward to some down time of my own. No schedules, no entertaining anybody, no cooking unless I want to - I'm FREE! ha! (We all know I will be missing my honey by noon tomorrow if not sooner & bored to death once I get everything done!)

Britt Britt is back on her HCG diet & of course - doing AWESOME!  I wish so much that I had her determination, her personality, her will to SUCCEED!  Instead, I will do good for a short while, screw up & then say to heck with it & eat whatever I can get my hands on!  David & I both were doing great on the low carb diet. Then Awni got sick, stuff happened, and we just stopped.  I always have an "excuse" ready & available.
The thing is, I know what works, I'm just not committed enough to stick with it.

Well, I need to get back to work - or go home.  We're on summer hours again, but since David & I carpool from Fayetteville to save gas money, I really can't work 9 hr days.  So once everyone leaves at noon - here I sit, trying to make myself actually work. I have so much vacation time I need to use up, it's really tempting not to just leave. But alas, I need to make some $ so....back to it.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Where to Start?

SO much has been going on in our little world lately I don't even know where to start!  I WILL start with a disclaimer that I am STILL praying for a laptop...or some other device where I could blog while I'm at home. I could always upload it in the mornings when I get to work!  I just FEEL better when I can blog!

Awnika Leann: She is at Children's Hospital for an appointment today with a pulmonoligist.  I don't know exactly what they're looking for, but I DO know that she was 7 weeks early. And she was sick with RSV & intubated for almost 3 weeks - so she's bound to have some trouble with her lungs.  I pray all goes well today, and nothing too horrible is discovered.  Also last week, her doctor here decided she should be tested for CP (Cerebral Palsy).  They just feel like she's not reaching her milestones as she should - and her leg muscles are very stiff still. She is 6 months old, but can't sit up on her own.  This Nana, feels like she's just ABSOLUTELY perfect- and that she will meet those milestones in HER OWN TIME!  But there is a little apprehension in waiting for an outcome there as well.

Eddy is very seriously thinking about re-enlisting in the Army.  Yes, you read that right.  No, I do NOT agree, or like the idea even a little bit.  I do however, realize that he is a 25 year old young man, and me - his mama- has zero say and/or influence over his decisions.  I just pray (literally) that he takes the time to think this out, and makes his decision based on the pros & cons of what getting back into the army will do to his life. That if he chooses to go back in, that he's doing it for the RIGHT reasons, to better his family, to better himself, to serve his country, etc. I am pretty sure they won't let him out a 2nd time, if he decides he's made the wrong decision.

Brittni:  Bless her stinking little heart - she's just such a sweet young lady!  David's hip has been hurting like CRAZY all weekend. She called me this morning & asked when his Dr. appt. was.  When I told her that I'd been calling them all morning & no one would answer - she said - "Hang on, I'm driving right by there, I will stop & make Daddy an appointment!"  And she did. I can just hear her now telling the receptionist, 'My mama's been calling you all morning & you won't answer the phones! My dad needs an appointment TODAY!'.  Needless to say, it's this afternoon! 
Rob is still relocating to Boston end of July...first part of August. Which means at this point Brittni is still moving there when she graduates college in December. Yes, I am swimming right now, in that old familiar river called "D'Nile" ha!  The bright side of it is she is planning on moving in with my dad (right up the hill from us), when Rob I have great plans to see her much more frequently than I do now!  The down side of THAT is I will feel her absence much more deeply when she does leave.....   :(

The Boogie/Puppy saga:  Boogie got VERY sick a couple weeks ago.  Almost died sick.... And it about KILLED David.  Long story short, after a very long hospital stay & finally being diagnosed with mastitis - she is back at home. We have been 100% responsible for her NINE puppies though, since they were 3 weeks old!
This Saturday, most will be going to their new homes.  I'm sure it will be a bittersweet emotional day, as I'm ready for life to get back to normal, but have grown quite fond of each of them & their little personalities. David & I are both really attached to the only female, and have already named her "Baby". We are sure that Mel (the owner of the male dog that gets pick of the litter) will pick her. He already has 2 - such is life.
I am also certain that we will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!!!! Way to much money, time & heartache involved.
That's what we get for thinking we could raise puppies & make a little bit of extra $$$$!

Well, I better get back to work.  We are in the midst of another Cancun contest & I am currently in first place. If I'd like to stay there - I need to get on the phone! 

Til next time - whenever that may be - me.