Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prayers Please:

My heart is hurting right now for my friends:  One of my best friends Sherry took her mom to the ER yesterday  & found out that she has a bleeding anurysm in her brain. They airlifted her to Springfield. They are waiting to find out what - if anything they can do for her.  I'm in constant prayer for them.

My friend Kachina lost her baby.  To say the pregnancy was a surprise would be an understatement. But none the less, it's still just tragic.

My friends Leann & Sandy - Sandy is doing chemo treatments for breast cancer. She went in yesterday for her 1/2 thru treatment ultrasound, to see if it had shrunk & was responding to the chemo.  The good news is, it hasn't grown....bad hasn't shrunk either.  I fear a much more aggressive chemotherapy is in store for the second half of treatments.

Please please keep my friends, and all those in need, in your prayers!  Love, me

Friday, May 3, 2013

So it's possible that I may need to be on some type of medication - ha!  I keep telling David I think I'm losing my mind. And that he will take me seriously when I'm in a loony bin somewhere sitting in a rocking chair!  Seriously, maybe it's because I've hit my 40's. Maybe since I had that hysterectomy I'm going thru "the change" and just don't know it.  I mean, I DO wake up soaked in sweat every morning.  How's that for a hot flash? Do women have a 'mid life crisis'???

Today is one of those days.  I just don't - want - to - be - here! (At work, that is....not here HERE).  I almost feel irritable - or ANGRY. And I don't know why.  I would say it's burnout - but I took a vacation day on Wednesday. I didn't tell a soul about it except David & of course my work.  I got a lot of stuff done at "the cabin"...but I got a lot of relaxing & Keeping up with the Kardashian's done too!  So it can't be burnout!  I'm doing good in sales. We're having our annual Cancun contest, and I'm in first place.  I've already got 4 sales coming for my next paycheck, and I still have a week left to get more. What is WRONG with me?????

I only have 2 more hours left before the WEEKEND!  I'd be a lot more excited if mother nature would've stayed off the CRACK! It SNOWED last night & this morning here. In ARKANSAS - on May 3rd!!!! They've never recorded snow in AR in May before.  Basically it is now just wet - and cold.  It was 80 degrees here earlier this week! So yeah, the weather doesn't help.  We are supposed to go to a concert at The Amp tomorrow night. The Old Crow Medicine Show.  Uhhhh....yeah sure - I wanna sit outside in the freezing cold, wind & rain & listen to some music! ;)  I actually think they are considering rescheduling the concert - if so - then what will we do this weekend?  We usually work on the place. The deck. Something.  NOT with this weather.

I think  that's part of what's wrong with me.  When I am at work - I absolutely CAN NOT wait until it's time to go home.  Then, when we get home I think - WHY was I in such a hurry to get here? There's really nothing to do except fix dinner & watch TV (which I am so sick of).

WOW - that's a lot of complaining.  I have soooo much to be thankful for. I am so very blessed and I know it.  I have a husband who loves me more than life itself. Eddy & his little family are fine really. Brittni graduates college in December. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grand babies. Our parents are all in good health. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellys, good jobs. Friends that love us. Hmmmm....maybe it's not so bad after all!   me

Did I mention we have PUPPIES people????

Soooo so cute & sweet.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sick Little Girl.....

2013 - The Year I Didn't Get to BLOG!!!!

Hello dear friend - my blog.  I'm ashamed at how badly I've been neglecting you.  YOU are what keeps me sane. YOU are where I can write/share my most intimate thoughts & deepest feelings - and get them OUT OF MY HEAD - to somewhere safe that I can revisit anytime I choose. You are also the place where I grew accustomed to chronicling our life!  Yet it's 1 year later (actually 1 year & 2 months later), and I still don't have a home computer hooked up, or a laptop, or any other way to visit you & write.  And since I AM actually visiting you while I should be at work - this is short.  I just wanna jot down a few things so I can remember them at some point & time years down the road.

AWNIKA LEANN ALLEN spent 13 days in AR Children's Hospital in Little Rock.  It was the scariest time ever in this Nana's short time being a grandma.  RSV is a wicked wicked thing, and it almost took her from us.
There are so many things I could say here - but don't have the time. So I do want to just remember all the love, prayers, support & HELP people gave to the kids & us at this time.  Like David's work, that sent gift cards for meals, snacks, and toys, and coloring books & diapers & stuff to help out while Eddy, Dez, Hunter & Davin lived at the Ronald McDonald house that whole time.  Like my work, that donated money, diapers, food, toys, gas cards, gift cards, even the American Express card to help with our hotels, gas, food, etc.  Sam Philip & family....and I can't forget the guys on the forum that brought a pack n play, food, prayers, etc.  To sum everything up - she is okay.  We found out yesterday that she has problems swallowing, she is aspirating every time she does.  She is going to have to see a pulmonologist, and a throat specialist, but our baby girl is going to be okay.

NEXT is We Have Puppies! 9 black labs.  8 males, 1 female, and there isn't enough time in the world to tell THAT story..   5 are spoken for, and 4 need to be sold. Wish us luck.

The boys (Hunter and Davin) are growing like weeds.  Eddy n Dez, Britt & Rob - all are doing great.

That's all I've got time for - you have no idea how hard it was to just stop & write this.

Hopefully I'll get to more later....til next