Friday, April 30, 2010

My Grandma

My dad called to tell me my Grandma is in the hospital. She is having trouble with her sodium levels (which evidently is a VERY bad thing), and her heart rate has been dropping as low as 30 pretty often. The doctors are talking about having to put a pacemaker in, and I'm worried about her. She has been through SO much recently. Again, I'll refer back to an earlier post where "worry" is probably my biggest sin. So instead, I'll ask for your prayers for her. And of course, I'll keep praying too. I need to try go visit her this weekend at the hospital. I certainly don't see her often enough, especially since she only lives about an hour away. And I always Always have a "good enough" reason - (or excuse) as to why I don't go more often. "I'm so tired from work - David has to be at work & I've got to be here - I can't leave the dogs for very long - I need to clean the house" get the picture. But the picture that I need to get - & see for myself, is that I am truly blessed that my grandma is still here. And that she loves each & every one of her grandchildren, great grand children, and great-great grandchildren more than anything in the world. We all have pieces of her & her love for us all over our homes. Beautiful hand made quilts that I treasure, dishtowels & potholders & neck warmers & Christmas decorations & all sorts of odds n end things she's made for us over the years. And we take for granted that she's always there for us. And always will be. But she won't be here with us forever. And when something does happen to her, I won't be able to just jump in the car & drive down to see her. I won't always be able to pick up the phone & spend an hour talking to her about any & everything. So yes, a trip to Fayetteville is on the "To Do" list for this weekend. But until worries...just prayers! me

Brittni Dianne Allen

Brittni Dianne Allen
has "officially" been accepted at
The University of Arkansas!
Whoo Pig Sooie - Razorbacks!

I'm Missing My Boys.......

Have I Mentioned How Much I LOVE This Baby?

An EARTHQUAKE in Centerton, Arkansas

Yes, the title to my post is correct. We had an EARTHQUAKE in Centerton, Arkansas! It happened about 10:45 a.m. yesterday, Thursday 4/29/10. And I MISSED IT! Can you believe it? David was at home, asleep of course, and he slept right through it. BUMMER! I really wish it would've waited about 30 minutes & happened while I was getting out of my truck to go inside at lunch. But alas, it did not. So unfortunately, there's not much to report, except to report that we had an earthquake. The following was taken from the 40/29 News website. (Yes, I just wanted to document this for the future).
"The US Geological Survey confirmed Thursday afternoon that a 2.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Benton County about 10:45 a.m. Thursday. NWA Regional Airport Administrator said they felt it, and bottles fell off shelves at the airport's fire station. The Arkansas Geological Service said this is the first recorded earthquake in Benton County history. One caller to 40/29 said the sounds lasted over a minute, and that it sounded like a sonic boom."
Again, there's not much to report about this, other than it IS kinda creepy, don't you think? me

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Kids Are Moving!

If you can't tell by the picture of my Hunter-Man in a moving box....the kids are moving! They found a new apartment in Manhattan and are SO excited to be moving. Desiree says it has 2 bathrooms & 2 bathtubs! And...a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer & dryer IN the apartment. I know she must be excited about that, especially with having all those baby clothes to wash! The 2 pictures above are ones they texted me. Hunter doesn't look as excited about the move as the kids are, do you think? And the other one is a picture my friend Terri took when the kids brought him to my work when they were home last. She put him in one of the office chairs & snapped his picture. I love those blue eyes! And, as usual, I'm missing them. I don't know why the time goes by SO fast when they are home, but moves SOOOO slow when they're gone! I do know, that I pray for them, alot. I pray that they don't miss me & David nearly as much as we miss them. I pray for their safety. I pray for their relationship with each other & God. I pray that they make good Godly friends. And of course, I pray that we see them again....SOON! As much as I enjoy this part of our lives, where are children are grown, money isn't as important as it used to be, and David & I can pretty much do as we please, I still miss my children. But I am proud of them. Eddy & Brittni are so much more than I even hoped for. So, if you're reading this guys, I love you! me

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He's SO Smart!

The kids are back in Kansas

It's Tuesday morning and I'm sitting here at my desk, procrastinating about starting to work. I just couldn't help wanting to catch up with myself here on my blog. To start with, the kids have made it safely back home. And yes, I miss them terribly already. I went home at lunch yesterday to say goodbye to them, and cried all the way back to work. I don't know what's worse, them leaving on a Sunday afternoon, and poor David having to put up with me for the rest of the day crying & all upset, or, like yesterday, getting up before they do, leaving & going to work, then running home at lunch to get my Hunter-man fix (yes, he's like crack to me!), then saying goodbye, knowing they'll be gone when I get home later that day. Anyway, yesterday when I went home, I threw on some lipstick & had David take a few pictures of me & Precious, because I've realized that I don't have many of us. LOTS of David & Hunter, and Boogie & Hunter, and of course him with his mommy & daddy. But not so many of me with him. So we fixed that. I've also realized that if the picture is taken with the camera a little bit higher, pointing down at me/us, I don't have seventeen chins! HA! Anyway, Sunday was one of those days that will stay with me for a long long time. David got home from work, I fixed him & Elvis breakfast, then we watched TV for a while. Remember, Kim had the baby, so I couldn't go kidnap him & play with him all morning like I wanted to. David finally had to get some sleep, so he took a nap. When he got up, the kids had Hunter home, Brittni was there, we all just had a good time together. Me & Brittni ran to Harps & I bought some Martha Harp's fried chicken, with coleslaw, mac salad, potato salad, baked beans & rolls for dinner- yes, I slaved hard in the kitchen to feed everybody - NOT. Then we ran by the video store & rented Avatar & Hachiko. We all sat down & ate. Brittni filled out applications for both the U of A & NWACC. I'm pulling for NWACC, but either way, she'll be back in school. David got to play with Hunter til his heart was content. It was just awesome. I love it when my entire family is together. It makes my heart happy. Anyway, last night when I got home, I made David & Elvis Pina Coladas & Hurricanes for me. We ordered pizza and watched Avatar. About half way through it I looked over & realized Elvis & David were both SOUND ASLEEP! (Guess the drinks were a little too strong - ha!) I finished Avatar & then we went to bed. Early! I didn't even clean up the kitchen. And yes, I regretted it this morning. But, I think we were just tired from a full weekend.'ve got to get to work! I'm ahead on the Cancun contest, but still need $8000 dollars to hit it. I've got my work cut out for me, for sure. me

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saturday Night

Here I sit on Saturday night at my computer blogging. Why, you ask? Aren't your kids home from Kansas? Aren't you babysitting the Hunter-Man while they get a rare night out by themselves? And the short answer is "no". It seems I have to share him with the other grandparents occasionally. And I'd like to say that I'm selfless & all that, and don't mind sharing - but I DO! Ha! Just kidding...a little. The kids ARE here. And they've been here since about 8pm Thursday night. They got here right before David had to leave for work. And I got to play with the baby all night Thursday night. And then, yesterday, I got up, fixed David breakfast, put him to bed and went to work. Until 11. Then I came home & played with my precious grand baby some more! Last night, David went to work, and Eddy took Elvis out to the Electric Cowboy for some fun! Desiree', me & Hunter went to Wal Mart & I bought him a new outfit, some toys for his car seat...and a walker! We brought it home, put it together, put him in it, and his feel like about 8 inches from even touching the floor! It is hilarious! I'm not trying to get him to grow up too fast, it's just that his little legs go all the time, and I thought he might be able to maneuver himself around a bit in the walker. But what has happened, is that we have to PUSH him around to get him to go anywhere! It's adorable. And it won't be any time at all before he's running all over the house, I'm sure! Anyway, it rained ALL DAY today. David got home & I fixed him breakfast, and he played with Hunter for about an hour. Then he had to go to sleep, so me & Hunter spent some alone time together. We talked & laughed & watched TV. I had him all to myself until about noon. Then the kids took him away from me! Actually, they met Kim in Lowell & Hunter is spending the night with his Memaw! And the kids? Well, Eddy & Des & Elvis & BRITTNI are all on their way to the Electric Cowboy again! David is at work. It's just me & the dogs here tonight. I really don't know what to do with myself. I guess I'll fix something to eat & watch TV. I'd like to think I'll wait up for the kids, but we all know I'm an old woman, and my bedtime will be here soon. me

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Evening

The Crooked Hook turned out to be great! When we first walked in & I saw the buffet, I thought to myself, "man, they don't have very much food out there". But when we got our plates & went over, it was a different story. It's not a big buffet, like the Golden Corral, or Hibachi Grill, but what they have on it is awesome. There was fried (I'm just going to say "fried" one time, otherwise this will be a very long post) squash, okra, french fries, onion rings, hush puppies, corn fritters, zucchini, biscuits (yes, fried biscuits), catfish steaks, catfish fillets, crab legs, craw fish, shrimp (boiled too), scallops, stuffed crab, frog legs...OK, you get the picture. And it was really really good. The food tasted like what it was supposed to be, not just batter & grease. The buffet was $13.95 per person & that included drinks. They also had peach & apple cobbler with ice cream. And did I mention that you could order fried Alligator? You could - and David did! And it was really really good. I've had it before, actually I took it to a Christmas party at David's work one year. I cheated really, when I went in to buy the meat at a fish market in Pine Bluff, and talked to the lady about how to fix it, she offered to fry it all up for me & have it ready 1/2 hour before the party started. So I went to Dollar General & bought a bunch of Tupperware & paper towels, went by the fish market, & fixed it all up in the dishes & bought. Then, I told everyone I made it myself! HA! Anyway, the Crooked Hook gets 2 thumbs up.
Since we were all so full we were about to explode, I convinced David to stop at Lowe's. I'm getting ready to start working on my flower beds in front of the house (actually, David is paying Elvis to get to work on them), and I needed to know how much $$ this was gonna set us back. The plastic you lay down $50 bucks all by itself. And I've still gotta decide if I want to go with mulch or those lava rock type things. I like the idea of the rocks, and I think they'll last a lot longer, my problem is Bam. He LOVES to eat rocks. He tries to dig the rocks out of our fireplace in the living room when we're not paying attention. And he EATS them! I'm scared he's gonna get one stuck & have to have surgery. So, no decision yet on that, but at least I know what we're looking at. And that's before I pick out any new shrubs or flowers! I am dangerous in Lowe's, let me tell you.
So, it looks like the kids are coming down this weekend. Eddy sold his Camaro to one of his buddies, and to make a long story short, they're going to come down & get it & tow it back to Kansas. He was trying to get leave approved, and I think he did. So, God willing, I will get to see my little Hunter Man soon! The kids send me pictures of him all the time on my phone, I'd love to download them to my computer, then put them on here, but I can't figure out how to get them from the phone the computer...we've discussed my lack of technical skills before, I'm sure.
Well, that's about all for now. I've got clothes in the washer & dryer, David fell asleep watching TV, the dogs need to go out ONE MORE time, and I still need to take a shower. So, til next

Lunch At Brittni's

This morning, David got up with me & got Elvis up, and they are making a day of it! They went for breakfast, then to Macadoodles to buy cigarettes, then to Wal Mart to pick some stuff up. David called me at 10:30 & wanted to know if I'd like to meet them for lunch. Since I'm not one to pass up a free lunch with my husband, of course I was all over it. And when I asked him where, he said, "How about we raid in on Brittni at Subway?". So we did. The look on her face was priceless as me, David & Elvis all walked in. And, her boss was there. But, she handled it like a pro, took care of all of us, then the lunch rush hit, so we didn't really get to visit with her. But, Subway is the best when it comes to sandwiches, and seeing my little girl, so no complaints here.
She did get a chance to ask me to text her the number to the Admissions Office at the U Of A, so, I'm thinking, she may be re-thinking...NWACC. Either way, as long as she gets back in school, we don't care. That is all that matters right now, her going back to school - period.
My lunch hour flew by faster than ever & before I knew it, I had to get back to work. David & Elvis had to go back to the house to pick up Bam, they're taking him to the vet for me today to get his next round of shots. I also instructed David to ask them if he could have A.D.H.D. but I don't think he'll will!
Tonight, we have made plans to go down to the Crooked Hook in Springdale for dinner. It's a new restaurant that has a seafood buffet with catfish, shrimp & all that good stuff! Everyone at David's work has been talking about it for awhile, so we're gonna go check it out. I'll let ya'll know if it's any good & worth the drive to Springdale or not. That's all I've got for now, so, until next

Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's Sunday....the weekend is winding down. Yesterday & last night was all about me trying to get the house cleaned up, laundry done, grocery shopping...and shampooing the carpets - again. And today, well, all but two loads of laundry are done. Carpets are shampooed & looking beautiful, and David and I have been online researching bark collars of all things. You see, these two lovely Labs of ours, like to bark - alot! I keep waiting for there to be a knock on our back door, and it be one of our neighbors kindly, or not so kindly-asking us to please PLEASE do something about these barking dogs of ours! Oh the joys of living in a subdivision. One solution, I believe, would be to finish up the privacy fence. Then I could just open the door, let them out & they could run. But - I'm not very privacy fence savvy....and all I can see is dollar signs when I think about it. And work. LOTS of work. So, the next, more affordable solution, seems to be a citrus bark collar. Of course there are plenty to choose from, ranging from $30 to $100. Remember, we have 2 dogs that need these. So, as of right now, no decision has been made - but- we are working on it.
Next, JBU is PAID IN FULL! Thank you Jesus! And Brittni has her transcripts in hand. I am assuming this week will be filled with her visiting NWACC and possibly the U Of A. And paperwork. And decisions. And lots of excitement about it all! I've known all of Brittni's life that she was meant to be THE ONE to graduate from college. To get a degree. I didn't know what she'd go to school to do or be, but I KNEW she'd go to school. Now she's just 2 years away from being a TEACHER and we couldn't be more proud. No word yet on if she's decided to move back in. Lately, she's been leaning toward not. She says she can't go from being a "grown up" back to being a "kid", and I get that, I guess.
Eddy got all four of his wisdom teeth cut out on Thursday. And he's been wanting his momma. He's texted, called, sent me pictures, begging me to come up & take care of him. I wish I could, I really do. But, he has a wife for that, and I have a job, and a husband that works nights, and it just didn't work out where I could go. He's still feeling bad. Says his mouth is STILL numb. I think tomorrow he needs to call the dentist & make sure they don't need to take a look at him. And, just about the time he heals up & is better, Desiree gets hers cut out! So, it's alot for the two to go through alone, with no family to help out with Hunter. Kim (Des' mom), came up Friday & spent the night, but she had to leave at 11:00 yesterday. Not much visit time, for a 10 hour round trip drive. But at least she got to go see them.
Well, that's about all for now. I put the dogs out before I started this, and even though the neighbors haven't showed up yet, if I don't go get them, they will! ME

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday again

Finally Friday - again. It's been a week, let me tell you. On Monday, I was driving to work listening to the radio & they were talking about all the pollen, and how BAD so many people have it because it's the worst it's been in years. And I remember thinking, "I am SO lucky that I don't have to deal with that....I've never had allergies, or hay fever or anything like that". And just like that....ta da! On Tuesday it hit me. Nose running, eyes watering, sneezing, is the pits! I haven't felt like doing much of anything all week long. And now, it's Friday night, David has gone to work, and I've usually got the entire house cleaned up & am just sitting around enjoying myself. But did I do that this week? Nooooo, so, now I'm sitting here at my computer blogging, thinking about the work that needs to be done, knowing that as soon as I'm done here, I'm DONE. Going to bed. Done. Hmmmm, that's going to make for a bad weekend since I've got to clean house the whole time, but...I did it to myself! HA!
Anyhoo, earlier tonight, David was on the computer showing Elvis pictures of our Mexico trip last year. And, we started looking through them. And now we really really want to go back. And guess what? There is a contest going on at work right now, and guess what the prize is? A trip for 2 to Cancun, 3 nights, 4 days, just like last year. David's all up on me wanting to know how close we are & all that. He got approval last night at work to take off if we win. So, as of Monday, I guess I am going to be ALL OVER IT! I haven't put as much effort into it as I should have. So now I've got some making up to do.
Tonight we all went to Smokin' Joes in Rogers for dinner. It was great food, and, stupid me, I ordered a beer. Now I am SO full I can't hardly move. But, again, it was great, plus I didn't have to cook. Well, that's all for now, I'm off to bed. Until next

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Haircut, and Shopping for SHOES!

So, tonight didn't really turn out exactly as I had it planned in my head. I got home from work & fixed all of us chicken quesidillas - since David had to leave for work at 6. Brittni & I have been planning all week for her to come over & us go get my hair cut & hers highlighted. The kink in my plans started when Brittni called & said if I wanted her to go, I'd have to come pick her up. Jeramiah had to be at work at 6, and she didn't get off from Subway (in Bella Vista) until 5. So, no big deal, right? Then, while I was helping David get ready for work, he asked me what my plans were. I told him I needed the truck tonight, I was picking Brittni up & we were getting our hair done, and pedicures. And he said....."Did you ask Elvis if he wanted to go?" what????? No, I didn't. It never e.v.e.r. occurred to me that a man would want to go with 2 women to get their hair done. (would it occur to ANYONE?) Anyway, I told David that no, I hadn't asked him, he wouldn't want to go. So David encouraged me to be polite & ask. I went in to the living room & told Elvis that David was making me be nice & invite him to go with us to get our hair done. And do you know what he said? He said "Sure! I'd LOVE to go. I can get out & see the town". so he did. We did manage to get my hair cut & styled. And the stylist DID convince me I needed some $20 shampoo to make my hair shiny & silky & look like it's 18 again. We did NOT get Brittni's highlights-it was too late. We did NOT get seems like nail salons close at 7 or 8 around here. I also managed to finally find not only a pair of black, but also a pair of brown dressy sandals for work...and it was BOGO at Payless, so that was even better! We also had quad shots at Starbucks during the haircut, which explains why I'm blogging at 10:00 on a Thursday night. Three hours later...THREE HOURS later, we are back at home. Elvis....he's in bed asleep. And I bet you next time I ask him if he'd like to go with us to run & get a haircut - he'll think twice about it! He's probably never seen crazy, like he saw tonight being cooped up in a car with me & Brittni! ha ha! me

A Houseguest, and a Thief!

So I know the title to this post sounds like my house guest is a thief, but that is not at all what I mean! First I'll start with the house guest. A friend of David's from elementary, then high school, is staying with us. He actually was at Dwayne's house, and Dwayne called to tell us he was there so David could go see him while he was in town. Turns out, he wasn't "in town" visiting. He had come up here to try get a job, and basically, start his life 40! He actually hitchhiked to Northwest Arkansas from Nocona Texas! To say he is a true an understatement. He hitch-hiked up here...get this, in his cowboy boots, cowboy hat, with a saddle on his shoulder, and a red heeler dog named "Rope" that has a red bandanna around his neck! It's great! Anyway we went out to Dwayne's last night to see him, and he needed rescuing from there. Dwayne lives out in the sticks. Like 20 miles from the nearest gas station. And Elvis (yes, his name is Elvis!) couldn't exactly find a job or anything way out there. So, we brought him home. Elvis is like family to David, so he jumped at the chance to be able to help him any way he could. And he's helping us too. As I type this there is a shirt-less cowboy mowing our lawn! Ha! Anyway, keep him in your prayers, that David can help him get his license back, find a job, and land on his feet.
Now, on to the "Thief" part of this post. I went home for lunch today, and made myself and David ham sandwiches. David took his & went & sat down, and I had to run to the restroom. I left my sandwich sitting on my kitchen stove where I'd prepared it, on a paper plate. When I went back into the kitchen to get said delicious sandwich, all that was left was one piece of bread with a little mustard on it! I took the plate & piece of bread to David & asked him if he had any idea what happened. He looked over at Boogie, who was laying down beside him....licking the mustard off her lips! Lesson to be learned here: Boogie is big enough to stand up on her back legs, and grab & eat ANYTHING anywhere on my cabinets & stove. The bad news was, that was the last of the ham...and cheese...and I had to settle for a microwaved hot dog instead! me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Weekend Is Over

Well, the weekend is over - again. But for David, it's just started. I woke up at 7 this morning & was ready when he got home, so we went to the Centerton Cafe for breakfast. Then when we got home he HAD to lay down & sleep for a few hours. Remember that 3 is the magic number of hours I'm supposed to let him sleep, but today, for some reason, he just couldn't wake up.
Until Brittni showed up. With a car for him to look at that she was thinking about buying. It was a Z28 Camaro. Big Block car. All I kept saying was, "No, you'll wrap it around a tree", but David took a look at it, and even though he liked it too, he convinced her it wasn't the car she needed. She kept saying, "but Daddy, I want a car that goes, VaRoom!" (Yup, she'd wrap it around a tree). The motor wasn't mechanically sound, so she decided he was right. Afterwards, we picked Britt up at her apartment & went to the Hibachi Grill. LOVE THAT PLACE! Britt isn't much on Chinese food of any kind, but they have such a assortment on their buffet that we all got stuffed. Then, since we were in the Blazer, we just drove around, out by Lake Atlanta, and then on out to Beaver Lake by the 112 bridge. Brittni & I even got out & stuck our toes in the water. It is still way too cold, but we've all got lake fever. I'm ready to have David go bring the camper home so I can get it ready for this summer.
And while we drove, we talked. And, Brittni is seriously considering moving back home while she goes back to school. And we couldn't be happier. It just makes sense. There is no reason for her to go to school full time, AND try keep a full time job, just to make rent & utilities. If she lives here, she'll just need to make enough for her gas money, books, and a little extra for her own personal things. AND, it school gets too hard, she wouldn't have to work at all! That of course, is the momma in me, trying to make it all make sense to her. Now, it's up to her. Hmmm...wish I had a little more control over my grown daughter than I actually do! me

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, the kids left Monday night. I'm really missing them. We're not sure when they'll get to come back next. It's looking like Memorial Day. So far away, I know Hunter will have grown a foot by then.
We've got the money to pay off JBU. The only reason we haven't is that I'm trying to work something out with them. They sent it to a collection agency, and now instead of owing $4000 dollars, she owes $5150. Hopefully, they'll settle for less than that, but either way, Brittni is going back to school.
David is at work, I've got the house straigtened up (not spotless, but MUCH better than it has been all week). I got sick again Thursday afternoon, so I've spent the last 2 days in bed.
And....I'm getting ready to get back in the bed again!
David is going to take me out for breakfast in the morning. Then he'll come home & sleep for 3 hours. That's what we've figured out, if I let him sleep for exactly 3 hours, then wake him up & we go do something, he's able to go to sleep at night, & get back on a normal schedule for Monday & Tuesday. Not sure what we're gonna go do tomorrow, but it gives us something to look forward to.
Another update: Boogie is in heat. And she is DRIVING ME CRAZY! We have to be so careful when we take her outside, we don't want some strange dog to get ahold of her. But she whines & whines & whines to go outside. And, she's extremely lovable. If I won't take her outside, all she wants to do is lay on me. Which, makes Bam jealous & extremely hyper. I told David this morning that I think he has A.D.D. ha!
Well, that's about all for now, I just don't want to get behind.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hunter's 1st Easter you can see, my Hunter-Man helped us decorate the easter eggs. The thing he's sitting in is called a "Bumbo"'s another thing they didn't have when my kids were little, but it is a big help! Plus, it's helps him build the muscles he needs to sit up by himself. We got it for him the last time the kids were here, and Desiree says it's a lifesaver! More pictures to

Our Easter Bunny Cakes

These are the cakes that Desiree', Brittni & I made Saturday night. The first one is Desiree's, second is Brittni's (somewhere along the way it turned in to some kind of "Playboy Bunny" cake instead of Easter Bunny, and the last one is mine. I would love to take credit for how cute it is, however, Desiree' ended up decorating mine for me while I cleaned up the kitchen & stuff. We had SO much fun. David had to work, we ordered pizza, Eddy ordered the movie Sherlock Holmes on "On Demand" and he & Hunter watched that while we worked. It's another memory that I'll have forever. me

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Is GOOD!

I feel like I'm repeating myself when I say...."there's SO much going on right now" - again! But it's true! So true, I almost don't know where to start. I said "almost", because ya'll know me & I am very seldom at a loss for words. So, I'll start at the beginning.
The Corvette is SOLD! To the guy that called from St. Louis & asked David to give his word he wouldn't sell it until he could drive here with cash & a trailer. He took it! And even though I took the ad off Craigslist, today is the first day no one's called about it. I hate to say it, but we may have asked too little for it! But, it's sold. Now we're just waiting on JBU to call us back with the grand total to pay them off, so Brittni can get her transcripts & get enrolled at NWAC or the UofA. She is SO excited. And thankful & gracious. She's been over here every night since the day we put the ad on the internet. The first night it was to help me look for papers, then it was to help her dad show it/sell it, then it was to come see Hunter, then to go to the Gentry Safari with the kids, and tonite she came over & we made our traditional Easter Bunny Cakes to take to Brenda's for Easter dinner tomorrow, and to color eggs. It's midnight, and Dez just left to go to Wal Mart, and then run Brittni home.
Have I mentioned the kids are here from Kansas? We've had SO much fun. We've laughed & talked & hung out and baked & colored eggs. And I've of course played with my Hunter man! I'll have lots of pictures to post, after tomorrow.
In the morning we are going to meet David at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Me & Eddy & Dez & Hunter. Then we're going to church. Brittni & Jerimiah are meeting us there. Then we're all going to Brenda's for Easter dinner. David has to work 7 to 7, so after church when we get to his mom's he's gonna get some sleep while us girls cook lunch.
Also, we got a second vehicle. Well, DAVID got a vehicle. It's a 2000 2 door 4 wheel drive Blazer. And he LOVES it! I think it's pretty cool too. So do the kids. As a matter of fact, Eddy has spent most of his time at home, helping David (or doing it FOR David), getting it fixed up. And looking for more stuff to fix it up with. This is going to be their little project. It's turning into an expensive project, but that's to be expected.
Well, I just wanted to do a little catching up. It's midnight, and I still have to jump in the shower.
5:00 is going to come awfully early - me