Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Short Post

We got home from Stuttgart last night. It was the THIRD weekend in a row that we went! Last night at dark was the official end of this duck season! Seriously, for almost the last month I felt like all we've done is run up & down interstate 40, then work, home, work home, pack again & back to interstate 40! But it's been fun. Really fun. The first weekend was just me & David. Then it was David, me, his boss from Transplace & another friend from Transplace. This weekend it was us & 3 guys from Atlanta (one of them is a broker of David's). It was a blast.
But now? Back to reality! It will take me ALL next weekend to get my house back in order. I really need to shampoo these stinky carpets! I don't seem to get anything done but the basics during the week. And Monday & Tuesday seems to be just recouperating from the weekend!

Brittni is back in school! She got started back at the U of A & we are all so proud of her! She's still waiting on her income tax return so she can get a vehicle, and I've been bumming rides for the last two weeks! Hopefully soon we'll get that straightened out!

We stopped by Eddy & Des's last night on our way back to see the boys! I miss them SO much & they are just adorable! We're going to their house to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday with some friends. I will probably just play with the boys while everyone else watches the game!

Well, I've gotta get ready for work, my ride will be here in 1/2 an hour....I just wanted to write a short post about the goings on here in our little Allen's World! Til next

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Short Update

The kids are moved into their new house! And my house? It seems awfully quiet all of a sudden. We are so happy for them really. They need their own place. But seriously? I think Hunter man is due a visit to Nana & Peepaw's house real soon - Davin too! It feels like it's been a month since we saw them!
Brittni pays off the U of A next Thursday. Then she'll start classes. She'll be a couple days late getting started, but that's ok. Next on her list will be finding a new car. She's been using my truck since her's died. (They put the Mitsu on Craigslist this week & sold it the same day! But defiantly not for enough to get another car - hey at least we didn't have to PAY someone to come pick it up) For now, she picks me up & takes me to work, then David picks me up in the afternoons. Britt's schedule at work has changed too - finally! She works over night Sun, Mon & Tues & only 4 hours on Wed. She is SO excited. She's been waiting for that shift for a LONG time! When I told David he said wow, I'd LOVE to have that shift! No sir, I do NOT want to go back to him working nights! But it'll be perfect for Britt & Rob. She's just got to work her U of A schedule around it now.
Work is better this week. I've got 4 sales in. Not great, but for sure better.
Speaking of work, it's time to go...til next time - me

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Well another weekend has came & gone. Friday David picked me up from work (yes, Brittni is still using my truck, the Mitsubishi finally died on her & we are trying to all work together until she can get another vehicle). We went to the grocery store & bought stuff to make hot wings & rotell & came home & watched the game with Dez & the boys! Hunter gets so excited watching football with his Pee paw. Anytime David is yelling & rooting for the Hogs, Hunter does too. We even taught him to call the Hogs during the Cotton Bowl. And yes - they won!
Saturday morning David got up at 4 a.m. & picked his mom up & drove her down so she could go visit Dwayne. David didn't think he could go in yet to see him, so Brenda dropped him off at his dad's & he helped him cut wood all afternoon. I got to spend the day with Dez & Hunter & Davin - we watched movies & just hung out. Dez and I both felt rotten, so we just had a lazy day. I fixed enchilada pie for dinner & Rob & Britt came over & ate with us. David didn't get home til almost 10 & he was So tired!!! He and Hunter man fell asleep in our room. It was SO cute. When I came in to get Hunter so I could rock him to sleep he said "NO Nana! We are watching a movie!" So I just left him with David. I checked on them a little while later & they were both SOUND ASLEEP! I love watching those two together!
Yesterday we got up & I went to work with David for a while. Then we went to Kohl's & exchanged the watch the kids got him for Christmas, made a couple more stops & came home.
We spent the rest of the afternoon just being lazy & it was wonderful!
Now, it's Monday morning & I've gotta get ready for work. Here's hoping this week is FULL of sales for me-and great for you! Til next time - me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. Birthday's are different when you're old, did you know that? I mean really. Since our kids have grown up, it's not really been about presents anymore-and I'm okay with that! Instead, we each have a "cake". A certain type that is our favorite. Britt's is white cake-chocolate icing. Eddy's is white cake, white icing. David's is chocolate-chocolate (or any kind really, he doesn't care much at all-as long as there's ice cream to go with it). And mine? Mine is chocolate cake, white icing. How crazy is that? Then, before we cut the cake, we all stand around & sing Happy Birthday to the birthday person. It's really pretty simple - and sweet. Since mine & Eddy's birthday are on the same day, and we have different cakes, the poor girls usually end up having to make two. And yesterday they did. When I got home they had streamers & balloons hung up in the kitchen, and each of us a cake made. There were cards to open, "Happy Birthday's" to sing. Hunter man even sang with us! It was really nice & it reminded me, that no matter what is going on in our little world here, there is a handful of people in my life that TRULY love ME!
Thank you guys for trying so hard to make it special - it was.

BUT - I had a crappy day! Eddy & Des needed the truck to haul some stuff for their new house, so Des took me to work. That left me trapped there all day & honestly, yesterday was one of those days I needed to get out for an hour at lunch. My friend (and boss) Terri brought in birthday cupcakes & an awesome cheese cake tray for me. It was sweet that she remembered. My friend Sherry gave me not one, but TWO birthday cards (one sweet, one funny, said she couldn't decide! Ha). Of course David was the FIRST one to wish me a Happy 42nd birthday! Then my mom called, Brenda called, my aunt Bev called, my sister called, my dad called....Britt even called at 7a.m. - all to wish me happy birthday. (It's SO nice to be thought of and remembered)

But here's the thing. I think my parents RUINED me. They scarred me for life. Because somehow, for the past week, I've thought..."It's almost my birthday!" It's like I feel like something special and monumental should happen because it's MY day! When I was a little girl, it WAS like that. The whole day revolved around ME! I don't remember having to do any chores. I remember getting to pick out what I wanted for dinner. I remember it being different. At least if FELT different. Yesterday - didn't. Yes, I got lots of birthday wishes. Yes I got my 'special' cake. A couple people said Happy B-day on facebook. But nothing was different.

Work was still hard. Awful in fact. It started off with one of those "you need to be on the phone more, work harder, make more calls, make more money" kind of emails. Then one of my dealers put a check in regular mail instead of over night, and that's gonna cost me about $750 on my next paycheck. The micro managing side of work went way over board yesterday. And I had just about had it by the time David picked me up & I got home.

Eddy & Des wanted to take me out for dinner to celebrate. But all I wanted to do was change my clothes, eat my cake & go to bed! And that's pretty much what I did. There was so many mean & hateful things going on in my head about "It's MY BIRTHDAY!"....why didn't...(insert numerous stupid things here)...this morning....looking back...reflecting on my day yesterday, I am SO glad I kept all those stupid things in MY HEAD! It was a GOOD day. A WONDERFUL Birthday. My family & friends love & remembered me. We're all healthy & happy. We have jobs, a home, food, heat, clothing, love & each other. And really, what could possibly make a birthday better than that? Til next

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday Eddy!!

Well - I can certainly tell you what I was doing 24 years ago today! I was at the hospital in Pine Bluff Arkansas having our first child on my 18th birthday! (If I was a little more on top of things, here would be the perfect place for me to insert the picture of me holding baby Eddy...but that would require me to find that picture, scan it to my computer....well, you get the picture. I am NOT on top of things!) Anyhoo....little did I know back then how much joy & love he would bring into our lives. Now our baby boy, our son, has 2 precious sons of his own - our grandSONS! We are so proud of the man you've become Eddy! We love you & Happy Birthday - to us! me

p.s. This year, I am 42...turn it around & that's how old Eddy is - 24. I was talking to Britt on the phone this morning & told her I'd love to know how many times that has/will happen. Being the math GENIUS that she is....she figured out that starting on my 20th Birthday, it has/will happen EVERY ELEVEN years!!! So...when I was 20, he was two....when I'm 53 - he'll be 35. When I'm 64 he'll be 46....when I'm 75 - oh wait. Just STOP RIGHT THERE! That isn't even funny anymore. Oh well, this year at least - I'll just enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! My goodness how time has gone by these last couple weeks! We had Christmas, New Year's, work, time off work! It has all been a blur!
And here I sit, on January 3rd, getting ready for work! I wanna re-cap our holiday season briefly at least!

Friday evening before Christmas Eve we took AJ down to Prairie Grove to meet Brenda. Before we left we had our little Christmas with him & Jessica (his girlfriend). It wasn't much but we want him to know he's now part of our family. We had dinner with Brenda & Ben & Diane and the kids. It was a nice evening. AJ left yesterday for basic training, so we won't be seeing or hearing from him for a while. We wish him luck & love as he starts this new part of his life!

Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt Bev's & had Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Of course it felt different, this was the first year Grandma wasn't there. But all in all it went really well. Davin was a hit of course, Hunter go spoiled rotten with presents, we had lots of good food & family time & I am so glad most of us were able to make it. Eddy had to work, so he couldn't come, but Brittni & Rob managed to come by a little later on. It was just nice.

Christmas morning our family woke up at 5:30 when Eddy & Brittni got home from work & had our Christmas together. Let me just tell you that HUNTER MAN has opening presents figured out! He loved it! We got him a race car track with little cars, BOXING GLOVES for him & Pee paw to fight with, pj's and a couple little things. It feels SO good to have a little one for Christmas again.

Christmas lunch was at Brenda's & it was SO yummy. Aunt Shirley & Uncle Tommy, Diane & the kids, Britt & Rob, Eddy & Dez & the babies...good times!

Work was SO slow last week. I am hoping that it really picks up starting today.

This weekend was wonderful. We went to a friend's little girl's birthday party Saturday afternoon. Sun & Mon morning David, Eddy & Marshall went duck hunting up here. And yesterday Dez took the kids to her mom's & I got it done - ALL of it!!! The tree is down, the laundry is done, the house is finally cleaned & I am ready for the new year! I wanted to do a re-cap of all that's happened in 2011....but I figure for the most part, I can just go back & re-read my blog. Big things though.....

Davin Cole Allen arrived!
We lost my Grandma Purser.
Brittni got engaged - we planned a wedding - we called OFF a wedding!
David's dad had open heart surgery & David worked in Stuttgart for about 6 weeks.
We found out about - and met AJ
We went to Cancun
Eddy & Des bought a house.
Hunter went from a baby to a little boy
Brittni met Rob
David & I have been married 24 1/2 years now.
Life is really, REALLY good!

I'm sure I missed some big ones...but it's time for me to get to work....I may add more later...til next time - me