Thursday, January 9, 2014

The "After Party"

So after Brittni's Official Commencement Ceremony at the University of Arkansas, we put together a little "after-party" for her. Brenda's church (Calvery Chapel in Fayetteville) graciously allowed us to use their facilities to have the party. We went on Friday night & decorated everything.  The party went great! The weather that day was awful, and it was also the Saturday before Christmas. But I must say, everyone came together & put out such an effort, to make her day extra special!  Below are more pictures from the party. I did not get one of my friend Sherry.  She is the ONLY friend of mine & David's that we invited, that showed up.  That says something there....something about the kind of friend she REALLY is....Kayleigh - Brittni's friend came too. Everyone else is family (Which is who are TRUE friends are anyway. My dad always says, you can't really count on anyone but yourself, and your family- wise man he is!).  Anyway again, most of this is just so I don't ever forget - how truly special this day was.  Brittni Dianne - we are SO proud of you! 

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