Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brittni's College Graduation Pictures

We took over 400 pictures for Britt's graduation pictures. We made a day of it. We met Aunt Bev at Harp's & took her car & started off at the U of A campus. It was VERY cold! Then we went to Dickson Street, then Wilson Park & finished up at Mt. Comfort. Brittni didn't know about THE CROSS!  Of course I hadn't been there in probably 25 was a special time.  Then we took Aunt Bev to lunch & went back to Harp's to get my truck. From there we headed up to Roger's to my friend Sherry's house.  We started at Bogle Park in Bentonville, then finished up at Crystal Bridges (my first time there - I definitely want to go back to explore the museum - it is AWESOME!).  Then we left, went to Starbucks, Pizza Hut, the liquor store, grocery store & called it a night.  It was a perfect day, one that I'll never forget.  I just wanted to make sure & get a few pictures on here before it got away from me.  Oh my, how they grow up so fast!

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