Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday - And YES I DO miss Brittni!

I am SO thankful to get this week out of the way! (Well, almost, it IS only 8 in the morning ha!). To say that it's been hard, is an understatement. I'm still kinda in a fog - a daze. I can't believe Brittni is REALLY gone!
I still talk to her & text several times a day.  They made it "home" last night around 5:30.  That made me cry, when she said "We made it home", because HOME is no longer in Northwest Arkansas.  Home is 1600 miles away. Home is now New Hampshire to her. Again, so happy, so proud, so in absolute AWE of my daughter & her accomplishments, her determination, how brave she is to do this....but yet STILL SO DAMN SAD that she's so far away. She goes in for orientation on Monday at her new job. I'm glad she's got 3 days to settle in before she hits the ground running.  I think she only has to actually GO to work though for a couple days, then they will send her home & PAY her to study for the next 7 weeks for her stockbroker's license. WOW, just typing that impresses me. :)  Anyhoo I am still here, still alive, still breathing so that's good.  I told everyone weeks ago when she left it would KILL me. But I was wrong...and I guess that's a good thing. HA! Til next

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