Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Davin Cole

 Yesterday morning D-baby had to have eye surgery.  The first time I noticed his eyes were a little bit crossed was at his first birthday party, and someone asked me about it, until then, everything seemed fine. But after that, his eyes seemed to get worse. And it wasn't just one eye that crossed, it was both, and at different times. He has perfect vision, but his muscles weren't working properly. So for the next year the kids went through several different treatments - glasses (which he wouldn't keep on), eye drops to dilate his eyes (dilate a different one each week to try strengthen the muscles) etc. Finally yesterday, they did surgery to correct it.  Of course this Nana had to be there, and my sweet little boy was so glad to see me!

They took him back for about 45 minutes & then Dr. Henry came out to tell us that everything went great! What he DIDN'T tell us is that Davin doesn't come out of anesthesia very well, and he was one unhappy boy! It broke my heart to see him in recovery. He couldn't (or wouldn't) open his eyes, and he was crying & very hard to hold still. I know I let a few tears fall, but I tried to hold it together for Eddy & Dez. They really amaze me at how patient & loving & tender they were with him. It really sunk in yesterday that although I still consider them as "the kids", that "the kids" are grown up now, with 3 kids of their own.  And they're doing a pretty fine job as parents if I do say so myself.

THIS is what Davin looked like when he finally got home & got some rest.  The light still hurt his eyes, as you can tell, and that is a Desiree face/look if I ever saw one!  Such a sweet precious boy he is. So glad this is all over for him now.

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